Upper School Students Honor Day of Silence

Friday, April 27, may have seemed a bit quieter than usual at Indian Creek Upper School, but by staying quiet, over a hundred Upper School students were making their voices heard. "Day of Silence" is a student-led event where students take a vow of silence to call attention to LGBTQ+ name-calling, bullying, and harassment in schools. The event was established at the University of Virginia in 1996, inspired by an assignment on non-violent protest. At Indian Creek, the Day of Silence has expanded to include to any individual or group who feels that they have been silenced, as well as students who support the cause. Senior Kaitlyn Hopkins worked with the Gay Straight Alliance to create the Indian Creek events, which included a privilege walk and a debrief session afterward. Students enjoyed having the opportunity to participate in the Day of Silence, and many came away feeling more educated on the society around them and how others are affected by the words and actions of others. Kaitlyn shared, "I’ve participated in a multitude of diverse activities throughout the four years that I have attended Indian Creek. The diversity program that students have established is another example of how different clubs and ideas come together to make Indian Creek into the strong community that it is."