French Students Explore Language, Culture, and History Around Local Area

Mrs. Chambers French students had a busy week exploring French language and culture. French III students have just completed studying French history from Gaul to World War II. They explored the impact of the war on the French people, as well as the relationship between France and the United States. They completed the unit with a visit to the Blue Star Memorial in Annapolis which details the impact of the war to Marylanders, both civilian and military.

French II students are working on a cross curricular unit on French impressionist art. After learning about impressionism and researching Claude Monet, they are each researching and presenting an impressionist artist of their choice. A visit to the National Gallery afforded them the opportunity to view the actual works the artists they are studying. In addition, they are learning first-hand to employ the painting techniques under the tutelage of Mrs. Briles as they each create their own impressionist “masterpiece”.

French III students accompanied them to the National Gallery as they expanded their study of French art into the modern era. They each chose six works which cover the time period from romanticism to the modern era and will be writing essays describing the evolution.