Austin Harrison '22 Wins Pi Recitation Contest Trifecta

Congratulations to our sixth, seventh, and eighth grade finalists who wowed their teachers and peers in the annual Pi Recitation Contest on Wednesday, March 14. This year's Pi Champion, eighth grade student Austin Harrison,  should be especially proud, as he has won the contest in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, improving from 160 memorized digits of Pi in 2016 to 350 digits this year! All of our finalists deserve a piece of celebratory pie today! Congratulations to Julia Leavitt ‘23 (34 digits), Mya Duckett '24 (110 digits), Evan Larson ‘24 (105 digits), Stephen Damm ‘23 (110 digits), Nicholas Menendez‘22 (140 digits), Samantha Bennett‘24 (151 digits), and Austin Harrison ‘22 (350 digits).