The Acropolis, the Taj Mahal, and Chinese Dragons, Come to Life at Second Grade Ancient Civilizations Independent Learning Day

Parents, friends, teachers, and peers were invited to come to Indian Creek School and take a stroll through time, as second grade students shared their Ancient Civilizations Independent Learning Day projects on Wednesday, December 12.

To cap off their studies of ancient India, China, and Greece, students chose an aspect of these areas to investigate on their own, and then created projects to demonstrate what they learned. Impressive models, posters, dioramas, and more, covering topics such as the Acropolis, the Great Wall of China, Zeus, the Ancient Olympics, Chinese New Year, Ancient Indian clothing, The Forbidden City, the Taj Mahal, Chinese thread books, the Parthenon, Chinese dragons, Watercolor writing, and more, lined Central, as students displayed their projects and reports. This year’s Independent Learning Day was extra exciting, as it also incorporated the students’ GingerBuilding Challenge project displays as well. As Head of School Rick Branson says, “Learning should messy, loud, and fun.” The second grade Ancient Civilizations Independent Learning Day definitely met this criteria!