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Third Grade Ecologists Engineer Wind-Powered Cars

Indian Creek third grade students have been studying ecology, learning about the environmental effects of pollution. One major environmental challenge they have learned about is the impact of having a lot of cars on the road. To explore potential solutions to this problem, the students were each challenged to investigate alternative energy sources and create a wind-powered car.  The Class of 2030 rose to the challenge, designing and building devices to capture wind energy to propel their model vehicles. The students presented and tested their vehicles for their peers.  The inspirational teaching of Mrs. Fowler and Mr. Argilan continues to keep students connected and engaged.
Indian Creek School is an independent, co-ed, college-preparatory, day school for students age 3 to Grade 12. Located on a 114-acre campus in Crownsville, Maryland, Indian Creek is committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive environment in which all members of the community are understood, valued, respected, and affirmed.