Davidsonville Wildlife Rescue Expert Brenda Evans Joins Third Grade Reading Groups

Over the past few weeks, the Class of 2029 has enjoyed meeting in small reading groups with Mrs. Fowler to read materials centering aroung topics of interest together.  The children were thrilled when they learned that this week's topic would be wildlife rescue. The students' excitement grew exponentially when they learned that special guest and wildlife expert Brenda Evans would join their groups this Thursday. 

Ms. Evans and her family owned and operated the Davidsonville Wildlife Sanctuary, a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization that rescued injured or orphaned wildlife and a limited number of exotics for 40 years before they closed their doors in 2016. Mrs. Evans has decades of experience working with injured animals and rehabilitating them back into the wild, and the third grade students were very excited to hear her stories. 

On Thursday, May 7, Ms. Evans joined the morning zoom chats with several groups of third graders, as they read a variety of animal rescue texts in RazzKids.  After the students read the stories, Ms. Evans shared stories of her experiences with the students. 

The students especially enjoyed learning about a chimpanzee named Zippy, who was a part of the sanctuary for many years. Zippy eventually joined his mother, Sandy Carr, at the Baltimore Zoo, but while he was at the Davidsonville Wildlife Sanctuary with the Evans family they had many entertaining adventures together.  Even though Davidsonville Wildlife Sanctuary is no longer operational, the organization dedicated 40 years of their lives to rescuing animals in the wild. The ICS Class of 2029 is so grateful to Ms. Evans for making their reading group meetings extra special this week.