Sixth Grade Students Illustrate Scenes of Hope from "The Clay Marble"

This week, Ms. Alexander and Ms. Strickland's sixth grade Literature students were asked to draw their favorite scene from Minfong Ho's novel The Clay Marble, and share their drawings through a FlipGrid presentation to their classmates about why they chose their particular scenes and what made these parts of the book their favorite. 

The Clay Marble is set in war-torn Cambodia after the fall of the Khmer Rouge in the early 1980s. It is about a girl named Dara and her friend Jantu, and illustrates the struggles they face.  For this project, many Indian Creek students chose scenes to share that they felt demonstrated the theme of hope during dark times. 

Dagi '26 chose a scene that he called the three brothers and the alligator. As he shared, "This is my favorite scene because it makes me reminisque about me and my brother. We fight a lot and it doesn’t get us anywhere. But when we work together, it goes a long way." He also enjoyed this scene because it illustrated ways that main character is able to joke in a scary situation and still has hope in dark times.

Maddy '26 chose a sad scene and created her drawing in monochrome colors to portray this feeling.  She enjoyed this scene because the two characters were able to connect over bad memories, showing that “maybe, just maybe, there was hope for them yet."

Isabella '26 chose a scene where the children were using their imagination to merge their broken families together. Isabella liked the way they used their imagination to "bring a little hope into all of the sadness."

Mariah '26 also shared a favorite scene, chosen "because it showed hope for ways they can live better."

Great job sixth grade!