Pre-K4 Students Try to Out-Hop a Red Kangaroo

The Pre-K 4 classes have been studying the fascinating world of marsupials this week as part of our Amazing Animals unit. The children learned that most marsupials live in only one part of the world - Australia - and have used the opportunity to study the geography of Australia as well as some of its amazing animals. One of the animals we have learned about is of course, the kangaroo!

The Pre-Kindergarten students learned that an adult male Red Kangaroo can jump 30 ft in a single hop. The children imagined what it would be like to be a kangaroo and put their hopping skills to the test. Each student had the opportunity to hop like a kangaroo from our starting point, to see if they could hop as far as a kangaroo in a single jump. Ms. Sterling and Ms. Bryant then marked where each student hopped to and measured how far they jumped. While Ezra was our farthest hopper, hopping 4ft 7 in, no one was able to hop as far as the Red Kangaroo.

Combined however, Pre-K 4 would be able to hop the length a Red Kangaroo could hop in two jumps: 65 ft!