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One Creek Building Project

Construction Photo Updates

A sneak peek of the Building Interior!

While construction moves forward on the addition, plans are coming into focus for a whole-building revamp of the interior. ICS has partnered with a Interior Design team from Spry Designs to create a vibrant and engaging environment that will showcase the innovative teaching and learning that takes place inside the school. Through new paint and flooring throughout the building, as well as new furniture and accessories in many spaces, the aesthetic will declare "We are ICS." The building design will provide a cohesive, one-school vibe throughout the building, while clearly defining Lower, Middle, and Upper School neighborhoods and designated areas like arts, athletics, and the Academic Resource Center with their own looks, colors, and designs. The new look will stay true to the dynamic atmosphere of ICS while also bringing notes from the outside (such as natural-looking furniture and finishes) indoors to fit in to our 114-acre wooded campus setting.

Indian Creek's Furniture Committee has spent the past months working with teachers and administrators to determine what types of furniture will best support our school. They have partnered with Diversified Education Systems(DES) Furniture to design and choose pieces for the new Lower School classrooms, Academic Resource Center, Library, Cafeteria, Patio, as well as music room and Middle School storage.

We can't wait for the Creek Community to see the new building interior at Orientation Days next August! In the meantime, stay tuned for renderings as they become available.

Campus Renderings

Academic Resource Center ( Learning Lab & Lower School Learning Commons)

Atrium and Cafeteria


Indian Creek School Breaks Ground on State-of-the-Art Facility, Primed to Deliver an Innovative Education to Generations of Students

March 4, 2021

Indian Creek School held an official ground breaking ceremony to kick-off construction for its campus unification project on Monday, March 1.  In August 2021, all Indian Creek School students, from Pre-K3 through grade 12 will unite on one campus, representing a moment of arrival towards the culmination of the School’s first 50 years, and a launching point for the School’s next 50 years. 

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This building project is the final step in Indian Creek’s strategic plan to bring all grades together on its 114-acre Crownsville Road Campus.

The project began with the construction of its $4.15 Million Eagles Athletics Complex featuring two turf fields, one Bermuda grass playing field, one practice field, six tennis courts, and one natural grass baseball field, lights to provide extended playing time, 500-seat capacity bleachers, and spaces for the community to gather.

The School moved grades 7 & 8 from the Lower and Middle School Campus on Evergreen Road to the Upper School building. 
In 2019, Indian Creek's Evergreen Campus was sold to Rockbridge Academy, as a major step towards unifying the Lower and Upper Schools on one campus.  Since then, Indian Creek School and Rockbridge Academy’s lower schools have co-occupied the Evergreen campus in different parts of the building, with ICS renting the space while preparing the Upper School Campus to welcome all students in Pre-K through grade 12.

October 2020, Indian Creek added Eagle Dome - a dynamic facility, containing 27,000 additional square feet of indoor athletics space.  The Eagle Dome provides an air-supported enclosure over four tennis courts, creating versatile indoor space to be used for tennis, basketball, volleyball, and any outdoor sports team during inclement weather.  The dome has been invaluable this school year in particular, allowing more indoor space where students can be together adhering to physical distancing guidelines while the school offers in-person and hybrid learning options. The school also opened “David’s Court,” an outdoor basketball court for Middle School students in memory of ICS alumnus David Snyder.

March 2021
ICS breaks ground on the final step in the School’s campus unification plan. The existing Upper School building will receive a 12,000 square-foot addition, as well as a significant upgrade to reorganize space to provide dedicated learning and community space for Lower, Middle, and Upper School students. Enhanced classrooms, along with a newly created Academic Resource Center, Learning Lab, cafeteria, “Founder’s Patio,” and playgrounds, combined with upgrades to current student hang-out spaces, atrium, and auditorium will serve to strengthen the community and fulfill the commitment to provide an innovative, personalized, well-rounded education for all ICS students on one campus. 
Indian Creek school is a co-educational, college preparatory independent school, located in Crownsville, Maryland.  Students in Pre-K3 through grade 12 receive a vibrant educational experience based on excellent academics steeped in strong student-teacher connections.