Top 10 Reasons Why Families Choose Indian Creek School

#10: Students learn better when they have a strong ACADEMIC FOUNDATION.

At ICS, students develop a broad base of knowledge and academic skills that lead them to think critically, to examine big questions, to solve complex problems, to collaborate, and to communicate effectively.

#9: Students learn better when they are ENGAGED.

At ICS, teachers design transformational and exciting learning opportunities that inspire students to discover and explore their passions. ICS students know that their learning has purpose and value.

#8: Students learn better when they are known as INDIVIDUALS.

ICS students receive tailored instruction that engages their curiosities and strengths, that builds on areas for growth, and allows individual agency.

#7: Students learn better when they are CHALLENGED to meet their potential.

At Indian Creek School, teachers and students set highly individualized and ambitious academic goals. Students rise to the challenge confidently because they know their teachers will support and encourage them.

#6: Students learn better when they feel a strong sense of BELONGING.

At Indian Creek School, students can be their full selves at school. They are poised and comfortable in their skin, they are confident, and they know their community will embrace them for who they are.

#5: Students learn better when they have OPPORTUNITIES to discover their passions.

At Indian Creek School, students are athletes, artists, activists, entrepreneurs, dancers, poets, debaters, musicians, inventors, investigators, roboticists, community servants, and more. No matter who you are, there is something at ICS that will make you think: "THAT is really for me."

#4: Students learn better when they have a VILLAGE of caring adults to support them.

Indian Creek is a family school.  This means that faculty, staff, and administration partner with parents to provide a loving, supportive, environment in which students can learn and grow. In addition to teaching children, the school provides education for adults in the community on topics for each developmental stage. Parents and teachers support each other through close communication and a common goal of helping students thrive.

#3: Students learn better in a DIVERSE and INCLUSIVE community.

At Indian Creek, we are able to see the world differently because we are part of an intentional community characterized by diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas. We embrace our collective diversity as one of our greatest strengths, and we strive to build a school community where every member feels heard, valued, and a sense of belonging.

#2: Students learn better in a community that values EXCELLENT CHARACTER.

Indian Creek students are known for their integrity, kindness, and empathetic leadership. At ICS, learning is about more than knowledge, skills, and individual achievements. Learning is about developing the character to use our knowledge and skills for the common good.

#1: Students learn better when they LOVE coming to school.

At ICS, we strive to create as many positive and joyful reasons to come to school as possible. At the very top of the list: every student feels known and loved by their teachers and their community.

Welcome to the Creek! We're glad you're here.