Upper School

Grades 9-12

Ask any ninth through twelfth grade student at Indian Creek what sets their school apart from others, and you will most likely receive an answer similar to this one, given by Lauren ’19: “The teachers. My teachers know me and know what I can achieve – sometimes even better than I do. They teach me in a way that makes hard material understandable, and point me towards opportunities I would never have known existed. My teachers and classmates are like my family, and Indian Creek is our home.”

The ninth through twelfth grade college preparatory program at Indian Creek is designed for highly-motivated, college-bound students, who are eager to immerse themselves in a variety of activities. Indian Creek offers a curriculum that is not simply broad, but deep, as well. Study includes humanities courses that integrate social studies, literature, and art history. Additional classes introduce students to mathematics, science, and foreign language. Teachers take an interdisciplinary approach to the curriculum, connecting their content with that in other courses, leading students to gain a multidisciplinary view of a given topic.

Opportunities for enrichment abound, through the School’s many Advanced Placement offerings, STEM program, Senior Thesis program, and Blended Learning (BLinc) enrichment courses in a wide variety of fields.
The school day is structured so that students can participate in both the performing arts and athletics, and after school seminars provide additional opportunities for study in unique and interesting topics.