Upper School

Grades 7-8

Every aspect of the seventh and eighth grade program at Indian Creek School is purposeful – from the daily schedule (which includes a “late start” based on teenage neuroscience research), to the focus on team-building activities (including class trips and social events), to the Advisory program, where students build relationships with peers and faculty members that help them develop academically, socially, and emotionally. Our seventh and eighth grade students are met right where they are developmentally – in other words, they’re allowed to be kids. Physical movement throughout the day, as well as daily recess time gives adolescents much needed breaks to optimize learning. In order to make these years a positive experience at this critical time in their development, we prioritize open channels of communication among students, teachers, and parents.

At the same time, the students also experience a rich academic program, with opportunities that are unavailable at most Middle Schools. Indian Creek students have access to the state of the art library, STEM labs, stage, fitness center, and turf fields, as well as student mentors from grades 9-12. Students have the opportunity to join their Upper School peers in presenting rich academic work, volunteering in the local community through service projects, and cheering on each other’s accomplishments on sports fields and onstage.
They benefit from being in an atmosphere that celebrates academic achievement and college successes - All while being nurtured in an intentional program that provides an unparalleled school experience.