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Looking Ahead

In fall 2021, all Indian Creek School students, from Pre-K3 through grade 12 will unite on one campus, representing a moment of arrival towards the culmination of the School’s first 50 years, and a launching point for the School’s next 50 years.

ICS is currently divided between two campuses: Pre-K3-Grade 6 on a Lower School campus and Grades 7-12 on an Upper School campus. The upcoming campus unification has presented an opportunity to critically consider the appropriate divisions and programs that best support the developmental characteristics of students at different ages.

At Indian Creek, we are approaching this journey with a motto of “learning together,” and a commitment not to “go back” to how things were, but instead to “grow forward” to all school can be.  As we embark on our planning for next school year, we need to consider what we don’t yet know about the future of COVID-19 to ensure our program is agile and optimized for hybrid-flexible learning; we also need to consider what we do know, which is that in 2021-22 the ICS community will be united onto one state-of-the-art campus. We are optimistic for bright days ahead, and, more importantly, we are ready.  
As we plan for next school year, we anticipate some significant changes: the addition of a distinct Middle School for example, as well as the hope for a program less restricted by COVID-19 protocols. But, a lot of what you will read here is a continuation of what has always been at the heart of Indian Creek: a school in which every student has the signature ICS experience of learning that is personal, stimulating, and relevant, and an education that is grounded in supportive relationships and an inclusive community. 
In Fall 2021, approximately 550 students ages 3 to grade 12 will spread out in three ‘neighborhoods’ - Lower School (Pre-K3 – Grade 5), Middle School (Grades 6-8), and Upper School (Grades 9-12) - in a renovated building on our beautiful 114-acre campus in Crownsville, Maryland.

The ICS program focuses on the developmental and cognitive needs of students as they progress from early childhood to college-bound young adults. Our caring faculty of 100 are trained experts in how students at each developmental age learn best. As they go through the ICS program, students develop ever-evolving skills, knowledge, confidence, and independence.
Starting in 2021, the Indian Creek School academic building will be divided into three learning neighborhoods, all under one roof:

Our Plans

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  • We will add a dedicated Middle School program (Grades 6-8). 

    Indian Creek is proud to re-launch our hallmark Middle School program for grades 6-8 to provide a positive, joyful, and meaningful learning experience at this critical time in development. 

    Learn more about our plans.
  • A new Learning Lab will benefit all students, Pre-K3 - grade 12

    The Learning Lab will bring together the Curriculum and Instruction and Academic Support teams to build the individual skills, habits, and mindsets each student needs to develop over the course of their ICS education. The Learning Lab will also support a collaborative professional learning environment for our faculty to inspire growth and innovation. 

    Learn more about Indian Creek's Learning Lab.
  • Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 will join into one class with dedicated teachers focused on play and skill-building at each child’s developmental level.

    With access to the early childhood playground and our 114-acre campus, our youngest students will experience the joy of wonder and exploration both inside the classroom and outdoors in nature. 

    Learn more about Early Childhood at ICS.
  • An updated Upper School schedule and course offerings

    Indian Creek's academic program for grades 9-12 is built to be interesting, challenging, supportive, individualized, and exciting. Courses provide a broad academic foundation and an opportunity for students to partner closely with teachers and peers in learning, discovering and refining interests, developing skills, pursuing passions in depth, and more. 

    Click here to learn more.
  • One Community on One Campus

    Having the entire Pre-K3 through Grade 12 community together will allow for increased collaboration, mentoring opportunities, and more. 

    Check back for more information about Lower School, Middle School, Upper School, and ALL-SCHOOL programming. 
  • Summer Term

    ICS had a very successful summer term in 2020 with over 100 students registered for virtual courses. As we look to Summer 2021, we anticipate building a catalog of BLincs (blended courses) that will feature a combination of in-person and virtual learning experiences. Courses will be offered to ICS students and students in other schools in Kindergarten through Grade 12. 

    More information about Summer 2021 will be posted soon.
  • Planning for hybrid and virtual learning

    We have learned through our COVID-19 teaching and learning experience that some students thrive in hybrid and virtual modes. 

    While we do not yet know what 2021-22 will look like from a COVID-19 perspective, we plan on incorporating our learning about hybrid and virtual best practices into our academic program. We also will continue to plan for a school environment in which we need to maintain smaller cohorts of students, fewer transitions, and more distance.

    We are fortunate t
    o have a large campus (114 acres) and multiple facilities – including a 10,000 square foot tennis dome - that we will be able to spread out on should we need. No matter what, we will continue to provide an on-campus learning option for all ICS students to every extent we are able. 

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Indian Creek school is a co-educational, college preparatory independent school, located in Crownsville, Maryland.  Students in Pre-K3 through grade 12 receive a vibrant educational experience based on excellent academics steeped in strong student-teacher connections.