Lower School

Grades 4-6

Our goals for Indian Creek students during their fourth through sixth grade years...
are that they continue to develop an awareness of themselves as learners, express individuality through creative thinking, practice collaboration and problem-solving skills, build the confidence to take healthy risks, demonstrate initiative and follow through, gain an appreciation for diverse perspectives, embody the virtues of kindness, honesty, and compassion, and become confident leaders both in our school community and beyond.

These years are a time of deep exploration and intellectual curiosity, as students delve further into their studies, using a variety of project-based learning lessons and cross-curricular studies. Indian Creek teachers bring concepts to life through in-depth exploration and hands-on activities. Students gain increased independence and stretch themselves academically as class schedules and extra-curricular options become more individualized. All of these experiences, along with a focus on close, nurturing relationships between faculty and students build a close-knit community where children have the freedom to grow and thrive.

Academic Day

Students start each academic day in their homeroom. While fourth grade travels through their daily schedule as a whole class, fifth and sixth grade students are ready for more individualized daily schedules. Large blocks of instructional time are incorporated throughout the weekly schedule for collaboration, group work, and project based learning. Fourth through sixth grade students take regular courses in math, language arts, social studies, science, Spanish, PE, art, coding, music, and technology. Drama, Instrumental Music and chorus are also options, as well as a number of extra-curricular performing arts and athletics opportunities.

Outdoor Education Program

Team-building, as well as confidence and initiative courses are incorporated into our robust Outdoor Education program which gains momentum during these years. Students in grades 5 and 6 enjoy the team building course at the nearby Arlington Echo Outdoor Education Center. Fifth grade students visit the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center to enhance their ecology studies. Sixth grade students thrive during their overnight camping trip to Camp Letts. Additionally, fourth and fifth grade families enjoy an evening of bonding and laughter together at our annual Family Camp Out.

Advisory Program

In addition to their homeroom teacher, each student in grades 5-6 has a faculty Advisor, who becomes a special resource for academic and social support. Fifth and sixth grades enjoy a weekly Advisory period, which provides opportunities for building and maintaining strong teacher-student and student-student relationships.

Leadership Opportunities

Students build confidence and leadership skills by taking on roles and responsibilities both in and outside the classroom. Indian Creek provides a wide variety of clubs, performing arts options, athletic opportunities, enrichment courses, and leadership opportunities in which children can immerse themselves. Each grade has a signature performance – a drama production for fourth grade, fifth grade Shakespeare performances, as well as strings, band, and vocal concerts. Students perform in an annual fifth and sixth grade musical in the spring, and sixth grade students are also able to audition for the sixth, seventh and eighth winter musical. Student government positions are elected in the fall, and students are relied on to “lead the way” for a variety of campus events and drives. We continue to develop and expand BLinc (Blended Learning at Indian Creek) enrichment opportunities for Pre-K-6 students to stretch student learning beyond the classroom.