Lower School

Early Childhood

Pre-Kindergarten 3, Pre-Kindergarten 4, and Kindergarten
The Early Childhood program at Indian Creek School is child-centered, designed to stimulate students’ innate curiosity and natural inclination to collaborate. We offer young children activities that are developmentally appropriate and multi-sensory. Thematic units provide the means to investigate and assimilate new concepts and expand upon those already acquired. Children immerse themselves in these themes through stories, enriched play opportunities and hands-on learning centers.

Language arts, mathematics, science and social studies are introduced and woven throughout the thematic units. In addition to participating in these classroom subject areas, children attend specialization classes each week: Motor and Movement, Spanish, Music, Art, Introduction to Research Lab (a unique introductory experience in technology and library skills) and Book Buddies (peer relationships between grade-level classes).

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  • Pre-Kindergarten 3

    Three and Five Day Options Available

    This program is designed for three-year-old children. The class meets three days a week with an optional two additional days of enrichment. While academics are presented at an appropriate developmental pace in this class, play is valued as the primary means for the children to make connections and incorporate their learning.
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  • Pre-Kindergarten 4

    This is a five-day program designed for a child who is a year away from entering kindergarten. Play, movement, hands-on experiences and literature remain at the heart of the program as emerging academic skills in mathematics and literacy begin to assume a greater proportion of the day.
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  • Kindergarten

    While kindergarten is appropriately placed in our Early Childhood program, it is the beginning of a carefully paced transition to the Lower School grade level classes. Play remains the fundamental way that students process and assimilate their learning. Subjects are taught through thematic units as they are in the rest of Early Childhood. Core subjects are introduced through a multi-sensory, discovery approach using the Core Knowledge Curriculum as a resource for language arts, social studies and science units.
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It is a time of incredible growth and discovery for children.

Spotlight Lesson

Immersion Days are multi-sensory, collaborative learning days that invite our Early Childhood students to experience a variety of aspects related to a specific theme. These experiences encourage children to explore, investigate, pursue answers to wonder questions, develop hypothesizes, make connections to previous learning and begin to imagine new possibilities. Each classroom is transformed into a work center that focuses on a unique aspect of the theme.