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Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten
The Early Childhood program at Indian Creek School is child-centered, designed to stimulate students’ innate curiosity and natural inclination to collaborate. We offer young children activities that are developmentally appropriate and multi-sensory. Thematic units provide the means to investigate and assimilate new concepts and expand upon those already acquired. Children immerse themselves in these themes through stories, enriched play opportunities and hands-on learning centers.

Language arts, mathematics, science and social studies are introduced and woven throughout the thematic units. In addition to participating in these classroom subject areas, children attend specialization classes each week: Motor and Movement, Spanish, Music, Art, Social Emotional Learning, Introduction to Research Lab (a unique introductory experience in technology and library skills), and STEAM lab (in Kindergarten.)

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  • Pre-Kindergarten

    Pre-Kindergarten at Indian Creek is designed to provide an incredible first learning experience for our youngest learners.  Pre-K is a five-day program designed for children ages three and four. From bringing fairy tales to life to welcoming horseshoe crabs into the world, academics are presented at an appropriate developmental pace for each student. Children have the opportunity to discover their unique strengths and challenges while appreciating and learning from those of others. Play is valued as the primary means for the children to make connections and learn. Exploration, movement, hands-on experiences, and literature remain at the heart of the program as emerging academic skills in mathematics and literacy are encouraged and incorporated in meaningful ways.  

    The program is deeply rooted in developmentally appropriate practices even as students are continually challenged to stretch and grow. Thematic units in social studies, science, and literature provide the basis of our studies throughout the school year. Themes are developed across the curriculum so that children can explore them from multiple perspectives.

    Examples of Pre-K units include:
    Rollicking Rhymes and Fairy Tales
    Tinker-time: A STEAM Experience
    Digging for Dinosaurs

    Jolly Phonics is the literacy program used to teach phonics. It is a multi-sensory method that easily captivates young learners. Sounds are introduced with songs, stories, and movement and then reinforced and blended as children become increasingly confident of the sound-symbol associations. 

    Mathematics is taught through work centers and experiences designed particularly for early childhood students. Lessons are hands-on and move students from concrete to more abstract concepts.

    The program also incorporates Spanish, Art, Music and Movement, Motor and Movement, Intro to Research Lab, Social Emotional Learning, iPad Technology, Quiet Alone Time, Field Trips, and Creek Buddies.
  • Kindergarten

    Kindergarten at Indian Creek is a unique and magical time.  From learning Math in a life-sized grid, to planting a classroom garden and observing it grow, children begin to discover the joy of inquiry based learning as they develop independence that will be valuable as they transition to the Lower School grades.

    While play remains a valued way for students to process and assimilate their learning, specific instruction in Reading and Math becomes a greater part of the day through small-group instruction, hands-on activities, and multi-sensory centers.

    As children draw closer to the age of six, they are more able to understand themselves in the context of the greater world. Themes of study include explorers, inventors, world cultures, and  important figures in history. Kindergarten is the appropriate time to develop a deepening sense of geography that moves beyond ones’ local environment to the wider world.

    Examples of Kindergarten units include:
    Pushes and Pulls
    World Cultures
    Chesapeake Bay

    Kindergarten students transition into a more formal reading program. While not all kindergarten students are independent readers by the end of the year, the basic skills of early reading are encouraged and supported. Beginning writing is an important way that phonetic skills are strengthened and complemented. Students write regularly using phonetic spelling as they become increasingly confident in their phonetic skills.

    Children learn and practice Math concepts using hands-on materials. These skills are solidified through the use of concrete and pictorial approaches. Students develop strong independence and thinking skills through this method. 

    Kindergarteners also participate in a literacy unit in which they hear a classic children’s chapter book and then engage in activities in class designed to complement and enrich the story experience. It is a year when the sky is the limit, when students begin to be aware of the incredible possibilities that are opening to them.

    The program also incorporates Spanish, Art, Music and Movement, Motor and Movement, STEAM Lab, Intro to Research Lab, Social Emotional Learning, iPad Technology, Quiet Alone Time, Field Trips, and Creek Buddies.
Indian Creek school is a co-educational, college preparatory independent school, located in Crownsville, Maryland.  Students in Pre-K3 through grade 12 receive a vibrant educational experience based on excellent academics steeped in strong student-teacher connections.