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How do I learn best?
In the Learning Lab, students develop and improve the skills and strategies necessary for effective learning: reading, writing, time management, organization (digital and physical), study techniques, note taking, test/quiz taking, sustaining focus/attention, stress management, and self-care. As a result, ICS students are familiar with how they learn best and are effective in advocating for themselves and managing their own. In addition to hosting dedicated classes and housing the Learning Support Program, the Learning Lab is a space where all students have the opportunity to receive help from teachers or peer tutors, request resources, and work quietly.

Learning Lab in the Lower School

The Learning Lab will benefit students in Pre-K- grade 5 in a variety of ways.  The Lower School Learning Specialist is available to help students who need extra support academically, and with executive functioning skills. The Lower School also offers on-site auxiliary services, such as speech and language pathology, occupational therapy, and tutoring through independent contractors.

Learning Lab in the Middle School

All Middle School students take Learning Lab, a weekly class in which they learn the science of learning and effective study strategies. Through their study of metacognition, sixth through eighth grade students learn how the brain processes and retains information, and specifically research which study methods work best for them.

Learning Lab in the Upper School

Grade 9: Students take a Learning Lab class that meets bi-monthly in which they develop skills and strategies for effective high school learning. In addition, students in Grade 9 are able to work in the Academic Resource Center during their "Get Things Done" periods (free periods) where they have access to learning resources and support.

Grades 10 - 12: Students have access to the Learning Lab whenever and however they need it. They can work in the Academic Resource Center before/after school or during GTD periods, they may sign up to work with a Learning Coach, they may request resources, and they can sign up for Learning Lab X-block courses including vocabulary building, test taking strategies, and more.

Topics covered in the Learning Lab curriculum:

  • How to learn and retain information
  • Problem solving strategies
  • How to transfer learning to new applications
  • Strategies for staying motivated and focused
  • Time management
  • Materials management
  • Academic skills including research and source evaluation, proper citation, writing and reading strategies, and more.
  • Digital Citizenship

Learning Lab for Teachers

The Learning Lab isn't just a place for students! ICS teachers come to the Learning Lab for professional development and collaboration in instructional strategies, academic advising, coordinating  curriculum and assessments, etc.

Learning Support Program

ICS students have the option to work individually with a Learning Lab coach on a regular basis for academic support and skill/strategy development.  The Learning Support Program emphasizes the development and/or improvement of general organizational skills, planning, prioritizing, task initiation, and time management. The goal of the Learning Support program is to help students develop the skills and strategies they need to be effective, independent learners.

Middle and Upper School students may sign up for Learning Support sessions by semester on a daily, twice-weekly, or weekly basis.Lower School students have the option to work individually with the Lower School Learning Specialist. Pre-K through grade 5 students might meet with the coach for just a few sessions to work on a reading strategy, or on a regular and ongoing basis for more support and/or intervention.
Indian Creek school is a co-educational, college preparatory independent school, located in Crownsville, Maryland.  Students in Pre-K3 through grade 12 receive a vibrant educational experience based on excellent academics steeped in strong student-teacher connections.