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List of 35 members.

  • Photo of Ilana Abraham

    Ilana Abraham 

    Support Faculty
  • Photo of Sarah Allen

    Sarah Allen 

    Director of Curriculum and Instruction; Middle School Science Faculty
  • Photo of Emily Bartz

    Emily Bartz 

    Learning Support Program Coordinator
  • Photo of Shannon Berry

    Shannon Berry 

    Executive Assistant to Head of School
  • Photo of John Bonhom

    John Bonhom 

    Assistant Head of School for Enrollment and External Affairs
  • Photo of Hilary Briles

    Hilary Briles 

    Upper School Faculty - Fine Arts Teacher
  • Photo of Alison Broach

    Alison Broach 

    World Languages & Support Faculty
  • Photo of Matt Bucci

    Matt Bucci 

    Lower School Faculty - Fifth Grade Teacher; Voros Thesis Advisor; Varsity Boys Lacrosse Assistant Co
  • Photo of John Casey

    John Casey 

    Director of Facilities
  • Photo of Nancy Chalkley

    Nancy Chalkley 

    Special Events Coordinator; Equestrian Team Liaison
    (410) 923-3660
  • Photo of Rachael Church

    Rachael Church 

    Upper School Faculty - Fine Arts Teacher; Learning Support Coach; Varsity Girls Soccer Assistant Coa
  • Photo of Andrew Colley

    Andrew Colley 

    Upper School Faculty - Science & STEM Teacher
    (410) 849-5151
  • Photo of Gerard Connolly

    Gerard Connolly 

    Upper School & Middle School Faculty - World Languages
  • Photo of Bruce Crossman

    Bruce Crossman 

    Director of Campus Connections and Evergreen Alumni Philanthropy
  • Photo of Donna Crouch

    Donna Crouch 

    Facilities Staff
  • Photo of Taylor Dalisera

    Taylor Dalisera 

    Middle School and Upper School Learning Specialist; Learning Support Coach; Assistant Field Hockey C
  • Photo of Robin DePaolis

    Robin DePaolis 

    Upper School Student Center Manager & Admissions Visit Coordinator
    (410) 849-5151
  • Photo of Becca Derry

    Becca Derry 

    Upper School Faculty - English, Human Development, & Writing Lab Teacher; Remote Learning Advisor
  • Photo of Sarah Dziennik

    Sarah Dziennik 

    Upper and Middle School Faculty - History Teacher
  • Photo of Anne Engles

    Anne Engles 

    Director of Alumni Engagement; Grade 9 Dean; Upper School Faculty - Human Development & English Teac
  • Photo of Troy Evans

    Troy Evans 

    Middle & Upper School Faculty - Physical Education Teacher; Grades 7 & 8 Boys Basketball Coach
    (410) 923-3660
  • Photo of Marsha Gardner

    Marsha Gardner 

    Administrator for Student Data
  • Photo of Ben Gehle

    Ben Gehle 

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Photo of Leigh Harbison

    Leigh Harbison 

    School Nurse
  • Photo of Rachel Barr

    Rachel Barr 

    Chief Business Officer
  • Emily Judson 

    Advancement Associate; Extended Day Faculty
  • Photo of Todd Kerr

    Todd Kerr 

    Upper School Faculty - Mathematics; Varsity Boys Basketball Assistant Coach
    (410) 849-5151
  • Photo of Liz Kettering

    Liz Kettering 

    Assistant Director of Admission Operations
  • Photo of Glenn Klakring

    Glenn Klakring 

    Upper School Faculty - Science, STEM & Mathematics Teacher; Scheduling Assistant
  • Photo of Booth Kyle

    Booth Kyle 

    Head of School
    (410) 849-5151
  • Photo of Stacy Lancaster

    Stacy Lancaster 

    Administrative Assistant to the Upper School
  • Photo of Dorothee Lang

    Dorothee Lang 

    Counselor; Upper School Faculty - Science
  • Photo of Tyler Larkin

    Tyler Larkin 

    Director of Outreach & Campus Programs; Director of Grades 9-12 Admission
  • Photo of Jesse Larson

    Jesse Larson 

    Upper School Faculty - History Teacher; Varsity Field Hockey Coach
  • Photo of Jenny Leasure

    Jenny Leasure 

    Middle & Upper School Faculty - Mathematics Teacher

List of 33 members.

  • Photo of Nadine Marks

    Nadine Marks 

    College Counselor and Testing Coordinator
  • Photo of Matthew McCormick

    Matthew McCormick 

    Middle School Principal; Human Development & Performing Arts Faculty
    (410) 849-5162
  • Photo of Tiffany McCormick

    Tiffany McCormick 

    Director of Communication & Special Projects
    (410) 923-3660
  • Photo of Douglass McCuiston

    Douglass McCuiston 

    Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion; Grade 11 Dean; Upper School Faculty - History, Human Dev
  • Photo of Eliza McLaren

    Eliza McLaren 

    Associate Head of School; Upper School Principal
  • Photo of Doug McNally

    Doug McNally 

    Upper School Faculty - Mathematics & STEM Teacher; Scheduler
  • Photo of Maggie Melson

    Maggie Melson 

    Director of College Counseling; Grade 12 Dean
  • Photo of Carol Mercer

    Carol Mercer 

    Middle School Assistant Principal
    (410) 849-5170
  • Photo of Phaelaoin Mills

    Phaelaoin Mills 

    Manager of Extended Day & Business Office Associate
  • Photo of James Monack

    James Monack 

    Humanities Faculty
  • Photo of Tonya Montgomery

    Tonya Montgomery 

    Upper School Assistant Principal; Grade 10 Dean; Upper School Faculty - History & Human Development
    (410) 849-5151
  • Photo of Colin  Murphy

    Colin  Murphy 

    Upper School Faculty - English Teacher; Communications Associate; Digital Media Specialist
  • Photo of Nancy O'Brien

    Nancy O'Brien 

    Administrative Assistant for the Upper School
  • Photo of Anita O'Connor

    Anita O'Connor 

    Performing Arts Faculty
    (410) 923-3660
  • Photo of Traci Ramsey

    Traci Ramsey 

    Director of Development
    (410) 849-5174
  • Photo of Jennifer Rapacki

    Jennifer Rapacki 

    Director of Finance
  • Photo of Ruth Richardson

    Ruth Richardson 

    Accounts Manager
    (410) 923-3660
  • Photo of Patricia Roth

    Patricia Roth 

    Director of BLinc Program; Upper School Faculty - Science & STEM Teacher
  • Photo of Stephen Roth

    Stephen Roth 

    STEM Program Director; Middle School & Upper School Faculty - Science, STEM, & History Teacher
  • Photo of Lindsey Seynhaeve

    Lindsey Seynhaeve 

    Experiential Leadership Program Director; Upper & Middle School Faculty - World Language Teacher
  • Photo of Tom Sheppard

    Tom Sheppard 

    Upper School Faculty - History Teacher; Varsity Cross Country Head Coach
  • Photo of Ruth Shrum

    Ruth Shrum 

    Upper School Faculty - Mathematics & Math Lab Teacher; Remote Learning Advisor
  • Photo of Joshua Sprague

    Joshua Sprague 

    IT Associate & Webmaster
  • Photo of Paula Sweterlitsch

    Paula Sweterlitsch 

    Faculty - Performing Arts; Grades 7 & 8 Tennis Coach
  • Photo of Stuart Tilman

    Stuart Tilman 

    Facilities Supervisor
  • Photo of Ronald Turner

    Ronald Turner 

    Athletic Trainer; Assistant Athletic Director; Upper School Faculty - Science Teacher
  • Photo of Estibalis Uribe-Martinez

    Estibalis Uribe-Martinez 

    Upper School Faculty - World Languages Teacher; Learning Support Coach
    (410) 923-3660
  • Photo of Allison Venuti

    Allison Venuti 

    Lower School Faculty - First Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Jeanne Watts

    Jeanne Watts 

    Dining Staff
  • Photo of Jason Werner

    Jason Werner 

    Interim Athletic Director; Middle School Faculty - Math Teacher; Varsity Boys Lacrosse Coach;
    (410) 849-5151
  • Photo of Brad Woodward

    Brad Woodward 

    Integrated Studies Program Coordinator; Upper School Faculty - History & Science Teacher; Grades 7&8
    (410) 923-3660
  • Photo of Jill Woodward

    Jill Woodward 

    Upper School Faculty - Performing Arts Teacher; Director of Performing Arts
    (410) 849-5180
  • Photo of Laura Zlatos

    Laura Zlatos 

    Middle School Faculty - Fine Arts Teacher
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