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Strategic Plan

Over the past three years, the Board of Trustees has engaged our community in conversations about the future of Indian Creek. Our school has been intently involved in strategic thinking that has included a detailed market research study, accreditation process, and an extensive facilities study. This culminated in Fall 2015 with three evenings of community conversations. The information and community feedback gathered through this process was reviewed by the Board of Trustees and informed the Strategic Plan.
The Strategic Plan included the goal of unifying the two school campuses to provide the best program, the best experience for students in academics, arts, and athletics, and to offer the best experience for families.
The first step in implementing the Strategic Plan was the building of the state-of-the-art Eagles Athletic Complex to build greater capacity for our entire athletic program. The generous support of donors made this project possible and we are grateful to our parents, alumni, and friends who provided the funds necessary to fulfill this next step in the development of the Crownsville Campus as we pursue the school's vision to unify the two campuses.

The next major goal was to maximize the use of both the Evergreen and Crownsville Campuses for all students. Having reviewed the findings of the facilities study and the impact of facilities on academic, arts, and athletic programming, the Board visualized an opportunity for our facilities to better support our entire community. The first move towards being one school on one campus takes place at the beginning of the 2017-18 school year, as the 7th and 8th grade students move from Evergreen to Crownsville. This allows the space on the Evergreen Campus to best support the Pre-K to 6th program.

Restructuring the divisions strengthens and expands the Indian Creek program through better use of space, improving faculty collaboration, and further developing opportunities for students. Having a unified 7th to 12th grade program expands educational opportunities and creates a strong programmatic alignment for faculty and students. At the same time we can allocate greater programmatic space for the students in Pre-K to 6th grade on the Evergreen Campus and expand opportunities, especially in STEM activities.

This is an exciting time to be a part of the Indian Creek School community as we relentlessly pursue our goal of providing an unparalleled Pre-K through 12 education for our students.