Vendor Specialty Camps: (Kindergarten - Grade 6)

This summer, Indian Creek’s Eagle Adventures Program is pleased to announce that we have partnered with a number of local vendors in order to provide the enriching and exciting
experiences within the walls of our beloved building. Eagle Adventures has strived to make sure that families have the opportunity to choose between a well-balanced program that incorporates camps run by not only ICS faculty, family, and other local educational professionals, but also by partnering with local businesses. At Indian Creek, we believe that establishing a strong relationship with our surrounding community helps to support our program’s philosophy. We also believe that it allows us to showcase the amazing talent of our community members while providing a safe and convenient space for your children to participate.


June 19 - 23: Fourth - Sixth Grades
July 10 - 14: Fourth - Sixth Grades
July 24 - 28: Kindergarten - Third Grade

Former ICS teacher and local business owner, Kim Gantt, invites you to fill your child’s summer with fun and engaging experiences that provide them the opportunity to develop a healthy mind and body! Fun with Math, Science, & Fitness is an opportunity to learn, apply, and reinforce math skills and concepts through gymnastics and games, and explore connections between math, science, and physical fitness. A Healthy Mind + A Healthy Body = A Healthy Child!

USTA Tennis Camp

June 19 - 23: Fourth - Sixth Grades
July 3 - 7*: Fourth - Sixth Grades
July 24 - 28: Fourth - Sixth Grades

TGA introduces the life-long sport of tennis at a young age through programs that provide a fun and enriching experience for children while being a convenient and affordable option for parents. Our dedicated coaching staff help students develop their skills and a passion for tennis while using the sport as a vehicle for delivering curriculums that are loaded with educational concepts including STEM and life skills such as respect, honesty, perseverance and sportsmanship. There will also be a parent orientation packet given out to participants closer to the camp start date that will provide follow-up information about the camp. USTA Tennis Camp offers both full day and half day options.

Warriors of Grace Karate Camp

July 17 - 21: Fourth - Sixth Grades

Karate makes us strong on the inside and out! Character development, fitness, self-defense and fun all combined! We’ll cover karate basics, introduce students to forms, self-defense applications, weapons, and sparring. We’ll also have time for games, crafts and down time with your friends.

Club SciKidz Camps

Fourth - Sixth Grades

Just imagine spending your summer building a rocket or a robot, learning crime-solving skills like blood and fingerprint analysis, or making your own chewing gum! Your child can encounter these hands-on, minds-on opportunities and more when they participate in one of our many summer science camps. Part of our mission at Club SciKidz Chesapeake is to nurture in children a life-long passion for inquiry and discovery. Our interactive programming also serves to support STEM education in the state of Maryland.


June 19 - 23
Fourth - Sixth Grades

Campers will learn to become Crime Scene Investigators during actual crime scene setups! Campers will learn how law enforcement professionals solve crimes and meet real professional Crime Scene Investigators, K-9 Handlers and Forensic Pathologists (depending on availability). You’ll use the tools used in the field to collect evidence. Campers will learn how a crime is actually solved and learn how Biology, Chemistry and Physics play a major role in the investigation!

Sample Projects: Crime scene analysis, blood analysis; Fiber, handwriting, fingerprinting, and DNA analysis!

Emergency Medicine

June 26 - 30
Fourth - Sixth Grades

Campers learn about important life saving techniques including first aid and CPR. Numerous hands-on project include: using medical instruments, triage and diagnosis. Explore the structures and physiology of the amazing human body. Career opportunities are discussed as campers meet a real medical professional (based on availability - hands on activity will be substituted). Each camper will receive a stethoscope and certificate at the end of the week.

Deep Space Robotics

July 3 - 7*
Fourth - Sixth Grades

Camp Deep Space Robotics takes campers to the edge of the universe on a mission to make a distant planet habitable for humans. Using LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Education Components and software, along with videos and animations, campers build and learn programming, tackle building challenges, and hone their robotic and project planning skills. Science factoids are interspersed throughout, accompanying engineering design activities tied into space exploration. Camp Deep Space Robotics’ curriculum has been developed by Carnegie Mellon University’s Robot Academy. As an extra bonus, campers construct and launch two of their very own Estes Rockets. Deep Space Robotics is for beginners and experienced LEGO MINDSTORM users. Parents are invited to join us on Friday’s Family Day to view their child’s rocket launch. *No camp July 4

Emergency Vet

July 24 - 28
Fourth - Sixth Grades

This camp is a camper’s ticket to the world of Veterinary Medicine. Lessons will give campers the opportunity to look into the real and exciting field of Veterinary Medicine. Campers will meet practitioners in the field, pet groomers, and be involved with several hands-on experiments! Each camper will receive his or her very own medical kit! (All professional visits are dependent on availability). Sample Topics: Animal Behavior; Cancer Research in animals; Learning Clinical Procedures; Preparation for a Career in Veterinary Medicine; First Aid and Dentistry Care; Diseases and Parasites

Silver Knights Chess Club

July 10 - 14: First - Sixth Grades
July 24 - 28: First - Sixth Grades

Spend a week playing and learning about chess from the Silver Knights chess coaches! Our coaches are highly-rated professional chess instructors. State and national champions have come from our programs, but most of our students are just looking to have fun! Campers are broken up into groups by skill level, so we accept anyone from total beginners up through experienced and highly-rated tournament players. Activities include learning openings, tactics, endgames, studying master games, playing games against fellow students, and analyzing the students’ games. Campers will take periodic breaks for snacks and fresh air. Silver Knights Chess Club offers both full day and half day options.

School of Rock

June 19 - 23: Third - Sixth Grades
June 26 - 30: Third - Sixth Grades
July 3 - 7*: Third - Sixth Grades

Students work in a hands-on atmosphere to learn the basics of music and walk away with a skill that lasts a lifetime. Music camps don’t just occupy students’ time during the summer; they learn how to play an instrument, how to perform on stage and how to interact as a band and team. The campers’ experience will be culminated with a live concert performance at the end of the week.

Our students will:
• Learn the nuts and bolts of live performance
• Rehearse as a band with rock n roll instruments in a studio
• Learn music theory and maybe even work together to write their own song!
• Interact with other young musicians and instructors who play in real bands
• Perform LIVE for family and friends at the end of the week
• Have fun playing real music

Students and instructors will work together to choose roughly 8 to 10 songs they want to play during the week. The instructors will work to ensure the songs are appropriate for their skill level so the students can be successful and feel confident on stage at the end of the week. If you have your own guitar or bass we encourage you to bring it with you otherwise we have instruments on site for student use. We teach guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and vocals. Students are encouraged to bring a lunch, a notebook and earplugs.

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