Summer BLinc Enrichment Courses (Pre-K3 - Grade 1)

SUMMER IN MARYLAND: An Early Childhood BLinc Course

Experience our learning adventures any day from anywhere! The Blended Learning at Indian Creek (BLinc) program is offering six early childhood courses this summer. The BLinc format allows children the flexibility to delve into educational themes at their own pace from online sites. A face-to-face component then provides an opportunity to share and expand on the overall Summer in Maryland theme.

Life on The Bay

LIVE: June 18 - 24

Taught by: ICS Faculty Ms. Stump and Ms. Sterling
Oh, which animals live in the Chesapeake Bay? Crabs, jellyfish and seahorses! And so many more! Life on The Bay will allow your child to explore the living wonders of this unique ecosystem from anywhere. They will learn about the amazing creatures that call the Chesapeake Bay home and how they thrive in this dynamic system

Aquarium Antics and Other Intriguing Museums

LIVE: June 25 - July 1

Taught by: ICS Faculty Ms. Watson and Ms. Probst
Explore local aquariums and maritime centers without the crowds! Aquarium Antics and Other Intriguing Museums maximizes your virtual visit through interactive experiences and real-time webcams. Activities such as online games, stories, videos and art projects will allow students to delve deeper into the aquatic world.

Summer Treats

LIVE: July 2 - 8

Taught by: ICS Faculty Ms. Moran and Ms. Critcher
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream! Indulge your sweet tooth and cool off with a course devoted to one of summer’s favorite foods, ice-cream. Summer Treats will guide you through recipes, the science, and history behind this childhood staple. This course is sure to prepare you for National Ice Cream Day on July 16!

Outdoor Fun

LIVE: July 9 - 15

Taught by: ICS Faculty Ms. Bryant
Ever wonder what’s out there for you to take advantage of in the summer time? Join us in exploring the outdoor excitement Maryland has to offer. From games, to parks, to outdoor hot
spots, and much more; nothing is off limits in this creative and adventurous virtual camp where you get to learn about Maryland’s outdoor treasures.

Summer Stories and Quiet Alone Time

LIVE: July 16 - 22

Taught by: ICS Faculty Ms. Oglesbee
Running, jumping, and kicking are all great, but sometimes you just need to slow down and enjoy the quiet. In this course, Ms. Oglesbee will focus on different books that encourage kids to discover in peaceful ways. Designed to exercise young minds while calming their active bodies,
Summer Stories and Quiet Alone Time will provide materials that support both the theme of the stories and the overall concept of still, self-guided exploration.

Video Vacations

LIVE: July 23 - 29

Taught by: ICS Faculty Mr. Sprague
If you are a parent with a camera, then you know that kids love to watch themselves on video. Video Vacations gives children a chance to not only star, but to make their own masterpiece! Students will learn some basic tricks of videography including camera angles, storytelling techniques, and editing. Online activities include tutorials and fun projects that let their inner-director grow. During the connected week, families will be free to share their creations with the class and get inspired by their classmates’ artistic visions.

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