Summer BLinc Enrichment Courses: (Grades 9-12)

Blended Learning at Indian Creek (BLinc) expands and enhances the School’s rich curriculum through courses offered in a combination of face-to-face meetings with the instructor and content provided in online formats. BLinc classes are innovative, engaging, and challenging. Rigorous courses are designed by accomplished, enthusiastic, and responsive teachers for students who excel and seek additional opportunities for intellectual growth. BLinc promotes student engagement and fosters collaborative learning in an online atmosphere, preparing students for global citizenship in the 21st century.

Transforming with Art

June 25 - July 22
Ninth - Twelfth Grades and Parents of current ICS students*

Indian Creek School’s Coordinator of the Fine Arts Hilary Briles brings her creative eye back to BLinc. Transforming with Art will explore four artistic mediums over the course: drawing, watercolor, acrylic painting, and collage. As students are instructed on how to work with each of these methods they will also focus on the unifying theme of transformation.

This course is designed to provide a balance between the precision of technique and the freedom of creativity. Whether you select to draw the transformation of a two dimensional square into a three-dimensional cube or morph the painted image of a delicate flower into a soaring bird, the
options are endless with the online resources, personal evaluations, and group discussions you will have at your disposal.

Additionally, Ms. Briles will be available each week on Monday and Wednesday evenings, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., for optional studio hours held at the Crownsville Campus. The course will culminate in an evening art exhibit on July 27, 2017, where students will share and discuss their
artistic transformations with the public.

For the first time, a BLinc course will be open to actively enrolled students at the Upper School and to any parent or guardian of a current ICS student across all grades. ICS will provide paper for drawing and watercolor exercises, but additional art supplies are the responsibility of the student. Upon the successful completion of the course, students will earn 1/2 credit for Indian Creek Uppper School. *Open to Indian Creek School students only

Coastal Ecology

July 9 - August 5
Seventh - Ninth Grades (Now open to a new grade!)

How does a speck of sand give way to tall trees which then in turn shift to marsh grasses? Explore how such transitions connect and create the different ecosystems of a barrier island. This STEM course, taught by ICS STEM Director Stephen Roth, will examine the ecology and biology of the organisms that inhabit our local, coastal ecosystems by delving into the physical and geological processes that shape barrier islands. You will gain a deeper understanding of local flora and fauna, ecosystem structure, and the economic and biological value of the different barrier island ecosystems.

This course requires the added component of field work. On Saturday, July 22, students will travel to the Chincoteague Bay Field Station in Chincoteague, Virginia for excursions into two of these ecosystems. This trip is mandatory for course acceptance and completion – no exceptions. Transportation is provided by bus departing from Indian Creek Upper School. Open to all eligible students and those who successfully complete this course earn 1/2 credit for Indian Creek Upper School.

Marine Biology

June 25 - July 22
Ninth and Tenth Grades

From the tiniest crab on a beach to the massive giant squid, the diversity of marine life is nothing short of astounding. ICS STEM director Stephen Roth will lead you through the marine environment while focusing on the organisms and habitats found in each ecosystem. Students will explore what lives within the darkness of the deep abyss to those plants and animals that help make-up the vibrant colors of coral reefs.

Within each locale, the biotic and abiotic (living and nonliving) factors will be investigated in addition to their impacts on the resident flora and fauna. In conjunction with this ecosystem
approach, students will also examine the resources the ocean provides and the man-induced environmental issues it faces.

On Saturday, July 8th, students will travel to the Chincoteague Bay Field Station in Chincoteague, Virginia where they will board one of the facility’s research vessels and collect living specimens from the surrounding estuary. At the station, students will participate in an organismal lab where they can take a closer look at their catch, identify specific creatures, and dive deeper into Marine Biology. This trip is mandatory for course acceptance and completion – no exceptions. Transportation is provided by bus departing from Indian Creek Upper School. Open to all eligible students and those who successfully complete this course earn 1/2 credit for Indian
Creek Crownsville Campus.

Writing Your College Essay

July 2 - July 29
Eleventh and Twelfth Grades

Writing about yourself can be really challenging, especially when it is often the only opportunity for an admissions officer to get to know the real you. How do you promote your strengths without coming across as arrogant? What are college admissions officers looking for in a great essay? This course allows rising seniors to compose their college essays now instead of during the very busy fall of their senior year.

Additionally, juniors who want to get ahead of the game can utilize this course as that springboard. The online format allows for collaboration among the entire group while still granting
each student the personalization that is needed to help develop their unique voice and story. Over a period of four weeks you will receive one-on-one instruction and direct and constructive feedback in writing your personal essay from Indian Creek School’s AP Language and Composition teacher James Monack.

Two face-to-face meetings will be coordinated as the course begins to optimize scheduling. One, near the beginning of the course, will foster creative thinking as students brainstorm topics and ideas. The second meeting will be held as the course ends and will allow students to share their final product. Mr. Monack’s new twist to this classic BLinc offering is sure to provide a fresh perspective to your writing process.

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