Summer BLinc Enrichment Courses: (Grades 2-8)

Blended Learning at Indian Creek (BLinc) expands and enhances the School’s rich curriculum through courses offered in a combination of face-to-face meetings with the instructor and content provided in online formats. BLinc classes are innovative, engaging, and challenging. Rigorous courses are designed by accomplished, enthusiastic, and responsive teachers for students who excel and seek additional opportunities for intellectual growth. BLinc promotes student engagement and fosters collaborative learning in an online atmosphere, preparing students for global citizenship in the 21st century.

Learning with Legos

June 25 - July 22
Second - Fourth Grades*

Toys are so much more than play-things; they are tools that can tap into who we are and let imaginations run free. Legos are perhaps one of the best-known tools for such creative expression. ICS First Grade Teacher, Sarah Allen, winner of the Pearson’s Excellence in Online Education Award, will use these familiar blocks, online activities, at-home projects, and group discussions to expand your child’s education beyond traditional means. Each week will build on the previous week’s material but the Legos will be used in a different manner to keep the creativity and exploration fresh and new. Students may use the blocks in conjunction with stop-motion animation to tell a story or to create a new toy with its own personalized commercial. An optional day camp will be offered the second week from July 3 - 7 (excluding July 4) at the Evergreen Campus from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. You can’t make it – don’t worry, there will be materials and projects available online during this week as well. Register now and come play with us. *Open to Indian Creek School students only

Introduction to Coding

June 18 - July 15

Sixth - Eighth Grades*

Hola, bonjour, salaam all mean hello in other languages. You may be familiar with them even if you don’t use that language, but how familiar are you with a language that affects nearly every aspect of the modern world - coding? Learning how to speak the language of computers will grant
you access to a form of communication used all around the globe. ICS computer science teacher Aubrey Matulevich is bringing back the class that started our BLinc programming track. Through Scratch, a powerful user-friendly tool created by a team at MIT, she will familiarize students with how to think like a computer. As students progress through the Scratch activities they will share their design creations and use teacher and peer feedback to improve their work.

Additionally, this course will introduce the basic building blocks of the web, HTML, which is used to describe and define content in webpages. While the majority of this course will be online, several optional lab hours will be offered and scheduled based on course needs. *Open to Indian Creek School students only

Cooking with Class

June 18 - July 15

Fourth - Sixth Grades

Come explore the science, math, joy involved in cooking. Cooking with Class blends online assignments with the pots and pans in your own kitchen. During this course, students will explore topics such as food and kitchen safety, basic cooking techniques, and altering recipes. Additionally, they will conduct at-home science experiments with everyday kitchen items, plan and shop for a meal using a budget, and follow recipes.

To help these culinary wizards on their way, there will be three evening sessions that will run from 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. on the Evergreen campus. The first face-to-face optional session, held on Wednesday, July 5, will give students a chance to explore the fun, and tasty, side of kitchen science. Back-to-back mandatory evening sessions will run on Wednesday, July 12 and Thursday, July 13. These sessions will focus on a fieldtrip to Wegman’s grocery store and the third Cooking with Class Friendly Food Competition. This course is taught by Indian Creek fifth grade teacher Megan McManus and is intended for self-motivated students who do not get frustrated easily.

Students will need to provide general cooking equipment and ingredients for recipes at home. Please take into consideration that we will not be able to accommodate for any food allergies or intolerances during this course. Transportation to Wegman’s grocery store and costs incurred during the shopping component of the competition are included in the course price.

Knowing Nature

July 2 - July 29
Fourth - Sixth Grades

Mother Nature has always been one of the world’s greatest mathematicians. The spiral of a seashell, the spacing of a tree’s leaves, and the intricacy of a snowflake all model mathematical concepts like the Fibonacci Sequence, the golden ratio, and fractal patterns. Knowing Nature will open up your eyes to the wonders that surround us.

Indian Creek fifth grade teacher Megan McManus will guide students through online materials that introduce concepts relevant to symmetry, form, and function. Students will then apply these lessons to the world beyond their screens. Through photography, writing exercises, and group discussions each student will share their discoveries and add to the group’s collective exploration.

This course includes two face-to-face activities: an exploratory hike and a guest speaker. Students will have the opportunity to learn from a local business that makes all natural products and create something for themselves, while learning about the chemistry involved in the production process and the economics behind this growing industry.

Coastal Ecology

July 9 - August 5
Seventh - Ninth Grades (Now open to a new grade!)

How does a speck of sand give way to tall trees which then in turn shift to marsh grasses? Explore how such transitions connect and create the different ecosystems of a barrier island. This STEM course, taught by ICS STEM Director Stephen Roth, will examine the ecology and biology of the organisms that inhabit our local, coastal ecosystems by delving into the physical and geological processes that shape barrier islands. You will gain a deeper understanding of local flora and fauna, ecosystem structure, and the economic and biological value of the different barrier island ecosystems.

This course requires the added component of field work. On Saturday, July 22, students will travel to the Chincoteague Bay Field Station in Chincoteague, Virginia for excursions into two of these ecosystems. This trip is mandatory for course acceptance and completion – no exceptions. Transportation is provided by bus departing from Indian Creek Upper School. Open to all eligible students and those who successfully complete this course earn 1/2 credit for Indian Creek Upper School.


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