ICS Specialty Camps: (Kindergarten - Grade 3)

Mystery Tour of Baltimore

June 19 - 23

Kindergarten - Third Grades

Campers will come to know the city of Baltimore like home by going on daily surprise field trips to a variety of city hotspots. Mystery Tour of Baltimore will not only seek to give campers engaging adventures, but it will also help to provide campers with a historical look at the culture behind Charm
City. From local eateries, to different museums, historical landmarks and tours, to experiences in the day-to-day life of Baltimore residents, campers will come to love Baltimore and all it has to offer.

Outdoor Adventures

June 19 - 23
First - Third Grades

Does your child have an affinity for nature and exploring the great outdoors? Join us for our Outdoor Adventures where all campers will have a blast taking advantage of all the ICS Campus and surrounding community have to offer. From exploring local trails for hiking, lakes for canoeing, or even venturing to a challenging ropes course, your child will get a well-rounded experience of learning about nature up close while testing their physical grit. Campers will enjoy all the beautiful nature opportunities that Maryland has to offer!

Chefs on Tour

June 26 - 30
Kindergarten - Third Grades

Chefs on Tour will not only nurture your campers’ love for food and cooking, but it will also delve into the intricacies of being a chef. Campers will get to explore how the culinary arts are a cultural melting pot, by learning how many chefs use traditional dishes and ingredients from a range of global nations. Our chefs will not only learn the basics of cooking, but will also come to understand where food comes from, how to be creative in using various ingredients, how restaurants successfully serve its patrons, how to utilize locally-grown food to establish a culinary identity, and so much more. Campers will be able to have a variety of field experiences such as field trips to local food markets, farms, and restaurants, in addition to working with local experts!

Mega Multi-Sport

June 26 - July 7*
Kindergarten - Third Grades

Mega Multi-Sport camp is a two-week long camp in which children will experiment with an array of different sports. This camp is perfect for our younger campers who have an interest in sports, but haven’t quite figured out which sports they are most passionate about pursuing. Campers will learn the rules and techniques of the various sports, as well as practice the art of sportsmanship and teamwork. Mega Multi-Sport will have related field experiences for the children such as touring local stadiums, talking with sports legends, and attending sporting events. The camp will conclude with an Olympic-style sporting event in which campers will compete in a friendly competition that encapsulates the depth of their camp experience. *No camp July 4

World Languages: Spanish

July 3 - 7*
Kindergarten - Third Grades

Campers will experience total immersion into a single language. Not only will campers learn about the different countries that speak the language, but they will explore the fashion and traditions affiliated with the different cultures related to the language. Campers will visit related restaurants, community centers, and other cultural activity centers in addition to working
with special guests! *No camp July 4

Stars and Planets

July 10 - 14
Kindergarten - Third Grades

Does your child’s curiosity lie beyond the confines of our home planet? Then come to Stars and Planets to study everything there is to know about the universe beyond. Campers will learn about the responsibilities of astronauts, interesting facts about the stars and planets, the ins and outs
of tools used to study space, and will enjoy hands-on experiences in the life of an astronaut. During Stars and Planets, campers will have a number of field experiences including related field trips, skyping with NASA and space experts, and working with special guests! There will even be a
night that all campers can gather together at a local observatory to enjoy the beauty of the night sky and all it has to offer!

How to Hollywood

July 17 - 21
Kindergarten - Third Grades

Campers in How to Hollywood will learn what it takes to be a real-life movie maker. Campers will learn how to plan, film, and create their very own movies. They will be able to participate in field experiences including related field trips, working with film experts, and using real life film and
production programming!

Robotics Club

July 17 - 21
Kindergarten - Third Grades

Tinker and create robots that come to life! In Robotics Club, campers will learn how to use their imagination and problemsolving skills to create different circuits, inventions, and programs that will allow them to make working, moving robots and other machines. Campers will not only get to
coordinate with experts, but will also go on engaging, related field trips to enhance their experience!

Amazing Animals

July 24 - 28
Kindergarten - Third Grades

Is your child an animal enthusiast? Join us for our Amazing Animals camp where campers are able to study and work with all of their favorite animals. Campers will get the chance to learn fun and interesting facts about all sorts of animals and the places they live. There will also be a variety of experiences for the Amazing Animals friends to participate in including related field trips, working with local experts, and skyping and coordinating with veterinarians and other animal specialists to learn how to care for different types of animals. Campers will even get to have a special visit from Eco-Adventures; a local animal education organization.

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