Eagle Camps (Pre-K3 - Grade 1)

Eagle Camp provides a safe and stimulating environment for children ages 3-8. Children will be able to enjoy a new camp theme each week that will allow them to delve into a variety of engaging and enriching activities that span an array of subject matter. From science experiments, to sensory exploration, to total immersion into cultures and literature, campers will explore learning in a fun and multi-faceted way!

Included in the campers’ experience will be weekly trips to a local pool, as well as an assortment of field experiences. These field experiences range from virtual tours and conversations with experts, theme-related field trips, and even some special guests!

Our Eagle Camps are professionally staffed with a number of teachers and educational professionals from both our very own ICS school community, as well as from the community at
large. We are excited to provide a well-organized and thoughtful experience for our campers that provides developmentally appropriate enrichment for our children’s learning. The best part about our Eagle Camps, is that they were designed to give engaging learning experiences for children through multi-modality exploration and hands-on experiences, which we know through research is how children learn best.

Construction Crew

June 19 - 23

Send your camper ready to build and explore, to take apart and put together, and to imagine and create. This is the week to find out how to engineer and construct using your own imagination. Problem-solving and curiosity will be put to the test during this hands-on, brain expanding week!

Puddles, Ponds, and Pollywogs

June 26 - 30

Come immerse yourself in the wildlife at the Creek. Campers will explore the wonders of our campus pond as well as the living creatures within it. Children will be able to get wet and mucky discovering how frogs, fish, and insects thrive in the pond ecosystem. Make sure to wear old clothes and water shoes this week!

Amazing Authors

July 3 - 7*

Campers immerse themselves in the works of beloved children’s authors through multi-sensory activities. Campers will discover less featured stories and develop a passion for literacy. Children will dig into their imaginations and watch their stories come to life! *No camp on July 4

Dazzling, Daring Dragons

July 10 - 14

Are dragons really the scary, nightmarish beasts we often imagine or are they more than we give them credit for? Come explore the life of dragons through literature, sensory exploration, and dramatic experiences. Imagine how dragons lived within the kingdoms and forests of our beloved stories, as well as new lenses in which to study them.

Beautiful Bats - Eek!

July 17 - 21

While bats may get a bad rap as blood-sucking vampires, we know that they are quite amazing and gentle creatures. Come explore the truth behind how cool these creatures really are! Campers will engage in a variety of bat-themed activities to learn about their diet, life style, and special capabilities. By the end of this camp, you are sure to be a true bat advocate!

Artists Abound

July 24 - 28

Come get to know the works of famous artists from around the world! Campers will learn about various styles of art, world renowned works of art, as well as techniques to create their very own versions. Campers will get to experience the life of an artist through sensory exploration, artistic
expression, movement, and a variety of activities that hit on subject matter across the board.

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