Counselor in Training Program: (Grades 8-10)

This is a progressive program both from week-to-week throughout a single summer, and from year to year as a candidate continues the experience over consecutive summers. Counselors In Training (CIT) will begin with situational training and role-playing focused on review and enforcement of rules and guildelines.

As a CIT progresses from week to week, there will be an observation log/journal kept by both the instructor and the counselor-in-training to document different experiences and situations. There will also be an evaluation process completed by both the instructor and the different camp session leaders. CITs will be able to test their strengths and improve areas in which they struggle in a variety of camp-themed sessions and with different age campers. Daily group discussions and “check-ins” will monitor a CIT’s progress and experiences. There will be daily sessions with the instructor as well as daily time with campers. Basic topics and focus areas include safety awareness, interpersonal skills, dealing with difficult campers, rules and procedures, trouble-shooting, taking initiative, general first aid, and transitioning from camper to counselor. All campers will receive a pass or fail grade at the end of their session indicating whether or not they may advance in the program.

Campers who receive a pass grade will get preferential consideration for hiring as a Junior Counselor position once they are of age.

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