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Upper School Daily Schedule

It is important that the developing brains of teenagers are given the chance to receive adequate rest. Teenagers’ natural circadian rhythms dictate that they will stay awake later at night, and sleep later in the morning. To accommodate this stage in their development, Indian Creek begins Upper School classes at 8:45am. This allows students to get the sleep they need, which is crucial to brain development and emotional stability.

Six of eight class periods meet every day, with Periods 1-4 rotating in the morning and Periods 5-8 rotating in the afternoon. Each period is 59 minutes long. Human Development classes, Advisory periods, and study halls as well as class and All-School meetings are also included in the rotation.

Students who wish to participate in a play or musical will come to rehearsal during “0 Period,” or the time from 8:00am until classes begin. This allows every student to take part in the performing arts, no matter her class schedule or whether she is on a sports team.

The Upper School building opens at 8:00am for students who wish to arrive early and visit the Library or meet with teachers. Athletics and other after-school activities take place after the conclusion of the academic day. It is expected that all Upper School students take part in either team sports or student activities after school each day; regular departure time is 4:45pm or later, if necessary. On Fridays, dismissal is at 3:45pm for students who are not involved in interscholastic athletics.

This sample schedule demonstrates one day of the class rotation for a 12th Grade student:


 8:45-9:44 - US Government        


 9:47-10:46 - Online course


 10:49-11:48 - AP Calculus AB

A Lunch

 11:51-12:16 - Lunch


 12:19-1:18 - Great Conversations


 1:21-2:20 - AP Physics C


 2:23-3:22 - AP Spanish                                











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