Blended Learning at Indian Creek School (BLinc)

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Blended Learning @ Indian Creek

Blended Learning at Indian Creek (BLinc) expands and enhances the School’s curriculum through courses offered in face-to-face meetings with the instructor and online formats. BLinc classes are innovative, engaging, and challenging. Rigorous courses are designed by accomplished, enthusiastic, and responsive teachers for students who excel and seek additional opportunities for intellectual growth. BLinc promotes student engagement and fosters collaborative learning in an online atmosphere, preparing students for global citizenship in the 21st century. 


 What is a BLinc? 

BLinc is a blending learning course offered by Indian Creek faculty as an enrichment experience or as a course for credit. Although each course will be unique, all will be delivered as blended classes.

 What’s a blended class?

Blended courses (also known as hybrid or mixed-mode courses) are classes where a portion of the face-to-face instruction is replaced with web-based online learning.

 How much of the face-to-face instruction will be replaced by online coursework?  

This answer will vary greatly by class, discipline, and learning objectives. For a BLinc the majority of the content delivery will be web-based. Instructors will be active and accessible, posting discussions, writing and discussing prompts. Youtube videos, virtual labs, lectures, and more will be part of the courses. Some courses may require occasional face-to-face meetings or a field-trip component. Please see course descriptions and syllabi for specific requirements.

 When will the BLincs be offered?

BLinc courses run across three seasons:  Fall, Winter, and Summer. Our Summer season runs in three periods (June 19th - July 16th; July 3rd - July 30th; July 17th - August 13th).

Fall and Winter BLincs for Lower School students will meet each Wednesday during afterschool (3:15 - 4:15) and Middle School students will meet as needed during free periods such as study halls.

How will the content be delivered?

All online content will be delivered through Indian Creek School’s learning management system, Haiku. Each course will have other specific requirements.

Why take a BLinc?  

The emergence of blended learning is a teaching innovation that is too useful and too powerful to ignore. Blended Learning allows for personalization of content and the learning experience. It increases student engagement and collaboration. It allows for creativity and synthesis. It encourages critical thinking and self-management. Students own their learning experiences in new ways.

Blended Learning by the Numbers


  • 50% of all high school classes will be online by 2019*
  • According to the Center for Digital Learning, 73% of educators who used a blended model witnessed an increase in student engagement
  • The number of colleges and universities using blended formats have gone from 10% in 2010 to a projected 50% in 2014.**

At Indian Creek School (ICS):

After taking a BLinc course at ICS, students:

  • Turned their work in on time 13% more often
  • Worked until understanding a topic they initially did not understand 18% more often
  • Reacted well to comments from the teacher 32% more often
  • Enjoyed group work 33% more often
  • Offered their opinion in class 27% more often
*Disrupting Class, by Clayton Christianson
**Research by Knewton

For general questions about BLincs or blended learning please contact Jennifer Malachowski, Matthew McCormick, and Patricia Roth at BLinc.




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