"Before Morning" - A Discovery Day Adventure

You are invited to experience a Discovery Day, right in your own home!

Discovery Days at Indian Creek School are an opportunity for young children, ages two to five, and their families to experience our Early Childhood Program. We offer on-campus Discovery Days six times during the school year. Members of our Early Childhood Team lead these sessions offering a chance to enjoy firsthand our awesome faculty and our engaging, experiential and developmentally appropriate program that we offer every day.

We offer you this online opportunity to experience in your own home a little foretaste of what we do at Discovery Days at Indian Creek.  We trust that you will enjoy the story and accompanying activities together during these wintery months. We invite you to enjoy this experience with your child at home and then come join us in person on February 7, March 14, April 4 and May 9.


Arrival and Welcome!

We gather together to sing and hear the story “Before Morning:”


Before Morning”


Music and Spanish with Mr. Langrick and Sra. Nalepa

At each Discovery Day, Mr. Langrick and Sra. Nalepa join us for a Music and Spanish session. Here is a little taste of what they do with our guests:


Help the animals find food in the ice with Mrs. Watson:

You will need:

1) A Pitcher

2) An Ice Cube Tray

3) Plastic Cups

4) Toothpicks

5) Golf Tees

6) Berries

Design a Snow Picture with Mrs. Sterling:

You will need:

1) Bowl to Mix Materials

2) Plastic Spoon to Mix Materials

3) Shaving Cream

4) White Glue

5) *Optional: Silver Glitter

6) *Optional: Buffalo Snow/Craft Snow

7) Blue Construction Paper (any shade)

8) Paint Brush




Find out how a small village freed whales from the ice with Mr. Sprague!

A Symphony Of Whales” by Steve Schuch, illustrated by Peter Sylvada


Make a snow collage with Ms. Probst:

You will need:

1) White Glue

2) Paint Brush

3) Silver Glitter

4) Blue Construction Paper

5) Cotton Balls

6) Snow Glitter


Discover how to catch snowflakes with Mrs. Watson

You will need:

1) Black Paper

2) A Coat

3) A Freezer

4) A Magnifying Glass

5) Snow



Build a Snowy Village with Mrs. Stump

You will need:

1) Cotton Balls, Fiber Fill, Batting, or a White Blanket

2) Legos, Duplos, Lincoln Logs, Blocks

3) Toy Figures

4) Craft Sticks


Enjoy Child-Friendly Hot Chocolate with Mrs. Oglesbee

You will need:

1) Microwave-Safe Mug with Milk

2) Chocolate Bits

3) Marshmallows (Optional)

4) Spoon

5) Craft Sticks

4) Sprinkles 

Singing Goodbye Until the Next Discovery Day

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