Creepy Carrots - A Discovery Day Adventure

A Virtual Discovery Day Experience

Discovery Days at Indian Creek School are an opportunity for young children, ages two to five, and their families to experience our Early Childhood Program. We offer on-campus Discovery Days six times during the school year. Members of our Early Childhood Team lead these sessions offering a chance to enjoy firsthand our awesome faculty and our engaging, experiential and developmentally appropriate program that we offer every day. This year we are offering this online session to provide a glimpse into the types of things we actually will do together during on-site Discovery Days. We invite you to enjoy this experience with your child at home and then come join us in person on November 8, December 13, February 7, March 14, April 4 and May 9.


Arrival and Welcome!

Join Mrs. Oglesbee, Director of Early Childhood, and her Pre-K friends in singing our welcome song:


Creepy Carrots!

Hear this exciting story read by Mrs. Oglesbee. Watch the pictures, can you tell if the creepy carrots are real?


Carrot Song

Watch this funny song about carrots, then try moving and dancing to the song.

What did you already know about carrots? What did you learn about carrots in this song?

What motions did you create to go along with this song?

I wonder if you can think of some additional verses for this song?


Cooking with Carrots

Join Ms. Moran, one of our Pre-K 3 teachers, and her friends in making a delicious carrot cake.


Carrot Cake Recipe

You will need an adult to help you with this project.

Click here to see a recipe to make this yummy cake at home.


Carrot Construction

Watch Mrs. Sterling, a Pre-K 4 teacher at Indian Creek, show you some great ideas of how to build a block fence for your own carrot garden.

You will need:

1) Wooden Blocks or Duplo Legos



Sensory Exploration of Carrots

Join Ms. Bryant, one of our Pre-K 4 teachers, in discovering the joys of exploring carrot peels. 

You will need:

1) Raw carrots

2) Softly boiled or canned carrots

3) Vegetable peeler

4) Large bin or container


Carrot Inspired Art

Mrs. Sterling shows you how to do carrot stamping.

You will need:

1) Carrots cut in various lengths

2) Paint

3) Paper


Fine Motor Play with Carrots

Enjoy pretend carrot planting with Ms. Bryant.

You will need:

1) Empty egg cartons

2) Orange pipe cleaners

3) Green pipe cleaners

4) Scissors



Join in with some Indian Creek friends as they sing, It’s Been A Good Day, by Dr. Jean.

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