12th Annual Eighth Grade Cardboard Boat Race

May 22, 2013

The winds and waters of the Severn were chilly for last week’s 12th annual Eighth Grade Cardboard Boat Race, but the intrepid class gave a spirited presentation of skits and answered the judges’ questions about their boats. Themes ranged from astronauts in helmets to Jamaican boaters in dreadlocks, plus a tribute to Lilly Pulitzer in pink and green.  

Students design and construct the boats at school about a week prior to the race. They draw on their science studies to design for buoyancy and navigability. Teams may include two or three students. They work on their themes and skits so that they can perform for the judges. Color and originality abound at the water’s edge on the day of the race. Just behind the ability to stay afloat while looking good, teamwork plays a major role in determining the winner. Not only must they all be able to get into the boat, a much more precarious operation in the water than on land, but they have to paddle as a team to propel and guide the boat out to the turnaround point and back to shore. Judges watch to be sure that the turnaround line is crossed while a teacher in a kayak stands by for rescue in the shallow waters. The heat isn’t over until boats are pulled back on to the shore.

As parents, families, and teachers looked on, each heat launched from the beach to paddle out and back. The usual final heat with all the preliminary heat winners was cancelled this year due to the weather. The times of the winners of each heat were used to determine first place. Thank you to Ms. Maryellen Polvino-Bodnar and all the Middle School faculty for organizing and supporting this great event. Congratulations to all.

The Awards -

Unsinkable Molly Brown Award:
The Ambulance - Justin Levay, Mark Thiergartner and Matthew Lee 

Bermuda Shorts Award:
The Big Red One - Daniel Reilly, Seamus Drury, Kai Fox
California Gurls - Clare Ryan, Madison Akers, Rachel Sindler

Love Boat Award:
Sinko de Mayo - Vincent Corrado, Ryan Baldwin, Phillip Katcef

Spectacular Spectacle Award:
Hundred Acre Woods - Lauryn Chomicz, Erica Argilan, Noel Sawicki

Naval Architectural Award:
Where’s the Beef? - Sarah Collins, Samantha Potthast

Popeye Award:
Can’t Handel Me-agan - Sophia Handel, Megan Dickey

Chips Ahoy Award:
The Randoms - Helena Brown, Tovee Palmer, Teyla Dawson

World Cup Award:
SS Lilly - Anne Tate, Ashley Loprete, Caeligh Plack

Row, Row, Row Your Boat Award: 
Jamaican Bobsled Team - Mitchell Baldwin, Roderick Torrence, McKenzie Jenkins
Turtle Power - Maia Brown, Sarah Anderson, Kiana Fiore

Captain Smarty Pants Award:
The History Machine - Chris deBorja, Alec Kulczycki, Pierce Johnson

Gilligan’s Island Award:
The Astronauts - Trevor Wiggins, Spencer Wright, Connor Stevens

Bermuda Triangle Award:
Titanic - Haber Carlson, AJ Jones

Titanic Award:
HMS Raven - Colin Suplee, Adam Flanagan, Ethan Egeli

Speed Racer Awards:
California Gurls - Clare Ryan, Madison Akers, Rachel Sindler
Ol’ Bessy - Charlie Marculewicz, Max Erickson
SS Lilly - Anne Tate, Ashley Loprete, Caeligh Plack
The Astronauts - Trevor Wiggins, Spencer Wright, Connor Stevens
Turtle Power - Maia Brown, Sarah Anderson, Kiana Fiore
Can’t Handel Me-agan - Sophia Handel, Megan Dickey
Ol’ Rosie - Vinny Venuti, Drew Ehrlich, Tommy Katula


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