Brain Awareness Celebration 2016: Mindfulness Guide

March 10, 2016

Mindfulness in its simplest terms is becoming aware of ourselves, being aware of what we feel inside, and how to direct our focus or to concentrate on what’s happening in each single moment. Jon Kabat-Zinn, the Grandfather of mindfulness gives us a definition, “…paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally. To begin a mindful practice, we start with concentration, usually on the breath. This can be done in various forms and at any age.

Mindfulness techniques are effective educational tools to help students to focus. Click here to read more about how Mindfulness techniques are used throughout Indian Creek School.

Below is a set of exercises that can be used to help children, young adults, faculty and parents learn how to meditate, be mindful, and to cultivate a way of life free from suffering. For the purpose of Indian Creek’s Brain Awareness Celebration, we will begin to introduce tools and exercises to start a Mindfulness/Meditation practice. Meditation is known to help alleviate stress, enhance focus, and increase happiness. Our goal is to introduce the practice and to plant the seeds of mindfulness so that students can pull from these resources to deal with stressors in every day life. The exercises/information below can be found in detail via the resource links noted throughout this document. They can be adjusted and tailored to the needs of the program.

A Simple Meditation

Finding the Entry of Breath

Loving Kindness Meditation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation 

Progressive Muscle Relaxation -short version

Square in the Air

Bubble Meditation

Mindfulness Sound Game

The Elevator Breath*

Bunny Rabbit Breath*

The Snake Breath*

*Use all three together as part of a relaxation routine, saying “Give me three Bunny Rabbit
breaths. Now just the bunny rabbit nose. Follow it with snake breath. And end with three
elevator breaths. This can be used daily for a calm down. 


Kids Relaxation Blog

Metta Meditation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script

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