Indian Creek School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

PTO Mission

The PTO strives to provide an organizational structure and activities that develop the community of Indian Creek. Through this community, ALL parents can support the curriculum and extracurricular activities as established by the faculty, administration, and Board of Trustees.

2016-17 PTO Goals:

    • Support parents as an integral part of building the ICS community.
    • Foster unity and inclusion in our one-school community
    • Champion and advocate for Indian Creek’s ideals, goals, and strategies
    • Ensure continuity and succession within the PTO structure in order to support our mission

PTO Philosophy

Parents fulfill an important role in the education of their children, not only at home but also in school. Families working together with the school can create an outstanding educational environment and experience for all of our children.

Every parent of an Indian Creek student is a member of the PTO. The PTO is a volunteer organization dedicated to the successful education of our children. We work hard to create a warm, welcoming, and inclusive community to help make the school year both enjoyable and exciting for students, teachers, and parents.

The purpose of our organization is to support the curricular and extracurricular activities of the school; to promote communication between the administration and parents; and to encourage ICS school pride and spirit.

To fulfill our purpose, mission, and goals, the PTO has many events throughout the year, including fundraising, parent education, teacher/staff appreciation, and community-building events. Please visit the EVENTS or VOLUNTEER pages for more details on dates and ways to get involved.

The PTO’s programs, budget, and activities are directed by an all-school PTO Executive Committee. A list of this year’s officers and their contact information can be found here.

PTO operations and initiatives are supported by four primary sources of funds: class dues, used uniform sales, school supply fundraiser, and rewards programs.

  • Class dues are collected in the first tuition bill.
  • Used uniform sales are held three times during the year, offering parents a place to donate uniforms that their children have outgrown, giving parents an opportunity to purchase inexpensive uniform items, and raising money for PTO programs. 
  • The school supply fundraiser is conducted before the end of each school year. Parents are given the opportunity to purchase the following year’s supplies as a bundled kit that ships directly to their homes, saving parents time and stress before the next school year. The school receives a portion of the sales, adding funding for future PTO events.
  • Finally, ICS participates in several bonus and rewards programs with Giant, Target, and, where the school receives a portion of all purchases made through the programs.  It’s easy to sign up and no cost to the parents. Please see the sidebar with links to sign up for these programs.

To learn more about the PTO, please refer to the PTO Handbook.




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