Lending Policies

Checkout Policies

Pre-K and Kindergarten students may check out one book at a time. Pre-K books stay in their classroom’s library book crate, and Kindergarten students may take their books home.

1st through 5th grades may check out two books at a time. They may take their books home with them.

Middle School students may check out three books at a time. They may take their books home with them.

Overdue Books

Periodically, the library distributes overdue book notices to serve as reminders that the materials need to be returned. We do not charge overdue fines. Please note that the notices automatically include the price of the book, but they are not intended to be bills. 

Lost or Damaged Books

In the event that a book is lost or irreparably damaged, the library will charge the family for the replacement cost of the book. Payments may be made in cash or by check made out to Indian Creek School. If the replacement charge is not settled in a timely fashion, the information may be forwarded to the Business Office, where the charge will be added to the student’s account. Repeated incidents of lost or destroyed books (i.e., three incidents) will result in the student’s checkout privileges being suspended or revoked.

Borrowing from the Middle School Section

One section of fiction in the library is reserved for Middle School students because of thematic material or content that may not be appropriate for Lower School students. Frequently, these are books that will be found in the “teen” or “grown-up” section of bookstores and public libraries rather than the children’s section. When deciding whether to place books in the Middle School Fiction section, we take into account several factors: the content of the book, the publisher’s recommendation regarding intended age level, where bookstores and other libraries choose to shelve the book, and reviews from book critics. To be clear, the books in the Middle School Fiction section have been separated out for content or thematic material, not reading level. The regular Fiction section, which is available to Lower School as well as Middle School students, contains a large collection of books at a wide variety of reading levels from second grade up through middle/high school. With over 14,000 books in the Evergreen Library, each student has plenty of available resources at his or her reading level. The Library will not make individual exceptions for Lower School students who may wish to check out a book from the Middle School section.

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