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November 07, 2013

This blog might put you to sleep

Our kids are losing sleep, and it is affecting their ability to innovate, create, think and achieve all because of FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out. At the annual conference for the Association of Independent Maryland Schools (AIMS) on November 4, I introduced Dr. Larry Rosen. Rosen is Professor and... » read more
October 22, 2013


Smarter. Indian Creek’s new marketing campaign has its roots in the 40-year history of our school, our daily practice of teaching and learning, and our aspirations for the next 40 years. Historically, Indian Creek has taken a smarter approach to teaching and learning by rounding our practice... » read more
October 17, 2013

Smart schools and smart students and stress

When you’re happy (and you know it) you can do more than clap your hands  … you can learn. And if you are unhappy, under stress, and frustrated, it can be very difficult to learn. Like many things, this seems like common sense, and like many things, as we research the brain we find good... » read more
September 13, 2013

Looking for grit on the piano keys

I am not a very good piano student. Actually, I am no longer a piano student. I started last year and despite an excellent teacher, I struggled not just with the learning, but with the practicing. In the end, one day I just stopped. That isn’t much like me, and I have reflected on why I did not... » read more
July 25, 2013

Summer Magic

I hope this blog post finds each of you well and enjoying summer. I normally don’t write during the summer, but while we are on break, it is important to note that “school” goes on. Throughout the summer, administrators and their support staff are on campus wrapping up one year and preparing... » read more
April 23, 2013

Working on a definition of success

I was in Baltimore today to hear Paul Tough speak. Tough is the author of the recently published book How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character. Tough is also the author of Whatever It Takes: Geoffrey Canada’s Quest to Change Harlem and America (2008) as well as... » read more
April 17, 2013

Achievement, Success, and Celebration

… Cornell University, University of Chicago, New York University . . . In the April 15, 2013 newsletter, Indian Creek School published an article highlighting the recent college acceptance list for the Class of 2013. The diverse list indicates that our students are continuing to apply... » read more
February 27, 2013

Students Post Growth in AP Results

On Wednesday, February 20, The College Board released its annual report for its Advanced Placement program. The College Board reported that the number of high school graduates taking an AP test rose, as did the number of students receiving a 3 or better on the 5-point scale, with 3 the minimum... » read more
February 08, 2013

Knowing How We Know

I am proud to recognize John and Lisa Morton, parents of alumni and grandparents of a current student, for their generous donation to support ICS and an opportunity that I deem important to advance our mission.  Their generosity has enabled our school to create the “John and Lisa Morton... » read more
January 31, 2013

Brain Rules and Brains Rule

I have been, well, I guess I should say all of us have been, reading and talking about brains lately. It would seem obvious that teachers would talk a lot about brains. Since after all, we do spend a good bit of time working with kids’ brains. But it is not as obvious as it might seem. For a... » read more
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