Senior Thesis Program

The Senior Thesis Program is designed to allow select students the opportunity to pursue a question, within the scope of the Humanities, of personal interest that may have developed from various study throughout a student’s educational career. The process attempts to mimic that of a thesis paper that many of our students may experience as they pursue higher levels of education. In this way, our students are as prepared as possible for the academic rigor beyond our institution.

Students may apply for the program in the spring of their junior year. It is at this time that the department recommends that any student interested in such a pursuit should consult with one of their teachers in the Humanities to help develop a question or pursuit that will be both broad and specific enough to discuss in a 40-60 page thesis.  It is essential for the students to understand that this is a thesis, a paper that presents a point and a well-developed argument, not simply a well-researched topical essay. Applications for the following academic year are due in early May.  

Once applications are accepted, research begins over the summer with the supervision of an advisor in the department. These advisors serve to guide and assist the students in their research, creation of an annotated bibliography, outline, multiple drafts, and finally the finished product.  

The Senior Thesis process culminates in April of the student’s Senior year with an oral defense before a panel of teachers in which the student is able to explain the various choices made to create their work. At the discretion of the panel, theses are given the distinctions of “Completed with Distinction,” “Complete,” and “Incomplete.”  

The Senior Thesis experience is designed to enrich the students who have expressed a unique and disciplined approach to their study of the Humanities throughout their time at Indian Creek School as a way to give them both confidence and understanding of the long and often difficult process of producing a paper of this magnitude. The accomplishments of the student are added to the transcript, but no GPA value is assigned. As this is an enrichment opportunity for the students, the value is in the attempt and the pursuit of something which pushes them beyond what they may have originally thought possible.

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