Indian Creek Crownsville Upper SchoolThe rigorous college preparatory program at Indian Creek is designed for highly-motivated, college-bound students. Indian Creek offers a curriculum that is not simply broad, but deep, as well. Study includes humanities courses that integrate social studies, literature, and art history. Additional classes introduce students to mathematics, science, and foreign language. Teachers strive to take an interdisciplinary approach to the curriculum, connecting their content with that in other courses, leading students to gain a multidisciplinary view of a given topic.

Throughout the curriculum, teachers use primary sources in addition to textbooks. Simulations, literature circles, guest speakers, and field trips bring life to lessons. Students are encouraged to further investigate the curiosity they develop in their basic coursework with extensive elective and Advanced Placement offerings.

Students wishing to receive extra help with their organizational and study skills may wish to enroll in the Support Program. Within the Support Program, a trained faculty member works daily to assist the student in organizing assignments, prioritizing work, and meeting assignment and project challenges. Students who are in Support are scheduled for a daily Support study hall with a teacher who serves as their “point person”. An information sheet about the student’s strengths, weaknesses, accommodations, and additional suggestions for modification of their program is sent to every teacher who teaches that student.

Indian Creek Crownsville Upper SchoolThe school day begins at 8:45am and ends at 4:45pm to accommodate two important aspects of a student’s day: teenagers’ natural circadian rhythms, which research has shown lead to more effective learning with a later start time; and extracurricular activities, which challenge the mind and the body. This encourages students to participate in activities that they might otherwise miss. Students who are active in a variety of activities also see increased opportunities for leadership. After school activities are considered to be part of the standard academic day.

Indian Creek School complies with all graduation requirements as set forth by the State of Maryland. In addition, Indian Creek School requires twenty-three academic credits for graduation. They include:

  • four (4) credits of English,
  • four (4) credits of social studies,
  • three (3) credits of math,
  • three (3) credits of science,
  • two (2) credits of world languages,
  • two (2) credits in the arts,
  • three (3) elective credits,
  • one (1) team sport per year for a total of two credits, and
  • 75 hours of community service.

All students complete a comprehensive four-year Human Development curriculum.

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