Academic Support Program

The Academic Support Program is designed to facilitate student success in our academic setting for an Indian Creek student, grades 7-12. It is our mission to help students achieve their academic goals by encouraging responsibility, empowerment and self-advocacy and to partner with families to provide support for all students in the program with the goal of creating independent and self-aware learners.

The program offers enhanced academic services for an additional fee. Academic Support classes are scheduled in place of a general study hall and occur just as frequently as every other academic course.

Tier 1: Executive Functioning Support

Tier 1 focuses primarily on the development and/or improvement of basic executive functioning skills. This includes an emphasis on general organization, planning, prioritizing, task initiation, and time management and will include one-on-one meetings with a Support Instructor.

Tier 2: Intensive Support

Tier 2 is aimed at developing organizational skills, while also improving methods needed for the general acquisition of academic content. The students enrolled in our Intensive Support Tier will have an individualized plan that will revolve around mild and previously identified learning gaps and differences that may prevent the student from accessing the full curriculum independently. This tier has a lower student-to-teacher ratio, which provides more opportunities for individualized attention.

Students who are not enrolled in the Academic Support Program are able to receive some Academic Support Services by visiting our Academic Resource Center, which is also run by our Academic Support Team.

Contact Mattie Dunigan, Director of Student Services Pre-K3 through 12 & Academic Support Instructor

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