Technology Initiative

Indian Creek Crownsville Annapolis TechnologyIndian Creek School is firmly committed to providing students with diverse ways of learning and providing teachers with the strategies needed to teach and assess all of their students. To this end, the School has made a $175,000 investment in technology resources across all divisions. The goal of this investment is to continue to be able to educate students with the media of the day.

Indian Creek classrooms have a versatile technological landscape: teachers are equipped with iPads, SMART boards, projectors, and document cameras - and the training to use them effectively. Each division includes stand-alone and mobile computer labs that become an integral part of dynamic lesson plans. Middle and Indian Creek Crownsville Annapolis TechnologyUpper School students are welcome to bring their own devices of any format, whether it be a tablet or laptop computer, and connect them to the school-wide WiFi network.

Technology is a fundamental part of learning at Indian Creek. Students in the Lower and Middle Schools receive formal instruction in computers and technology with dedicated Computer teachers. Upper School students are given the opportunity to take online classes, exploring a venue which they will likely see in college and beyond, while still receiving the support of Indian Creek teachers.

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