As students are exposed to the increasing amounts of information that is available in the world around them, it is increasingly important that they receive instruction in how to locate, evaluate, and use information responsibly. Librarians work in conjunction with faculty members to show students where to find answers, good answers, to all of their questions.

Evergreen Campus LibraryFormal instruction begins in Pre-K, when students have a weekly Intro to Research Lab class. Pre-K and Kindergarten students focus on beginning research and technology skills.  Weekly Research Lab classes continue each year through the Lower School.  Students learn a variety of skills necessary to locate, evaluate, and utilize print and digital sources of information responsibly, with the skill set increasing each year.  By Middle School, students are ready to use the library’s print and online resources to complete research projects assigned by classroom teachers.

Richardson LibraryIn the Upper School, students use the tools they have learned in the younger grades to advance their knowledge beyond the material that teachers present in class. When conducting research, emphasis is placed on evaluating sources, especially those found on the Internet; knowing when to use an online database, when to use a book, and when to search the Internet; and how to organize and cite sources.

Indian Creek’s two libraries serve many functions. They are sources of reading material, research bases, meeting spaces, study rooms. They strive to foster both a love of reading and a love of learning.

Evergreen Campus Research Center

Lower/Middle School

David G. Richardson Library

Upper School

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