The College Process

Visits from College Representatives

Representatives from a wide variety of colleges and universities will be visiting Indian Creek this fall. Please check the schedule and be sure to stop by the College Counseling Suite to meet with representatives from schools that interest you.

Senior Year

  • September 1, 2016: Senior Parent Night includes information regarding what to do, and when, to finish college applications. 
  • September – November: Sign up for October SAT/ACT; use three free Class Trip days for college process in any way they choose (visit schools, get paperwork together, finish essays). Students attend meetings with college representatives on ICS campus; decide if the November 1 early action/early decision or priority application deadlines are what to work towards.
  • September – December: Families continue to update Naviance website with up to date college choices; students work with College Counselor to coordinate application process; students continue to turn in applications well before deadlines.  All dates and deadlines are on Naviance; parents FILL OUT THE FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid,
  • November – April: Students update the College Counseling Office with acceptance, waitlist, and deny outcomes from colleges; students update College Counseling office with any scholarship information.
  • May: Students make final decisions for college matriculation.


Summer between Junior and Senior Years

  • Students spend their summer doing something worthwhile such as: working, taking classes, or volunteering.
  • Families should work on their college list, and contact Mrs. Shrum by e-mail with questions. The College Counseling office is open one day a week, Tuesdays, in summer months.

Writing about yourself can be really challenging, especially when it is often the only opportunity for an admissions officer to get to know the real you. How do you promote your strengths without coming across as arrogant? What are college admissions officers looking for in a great essay? This course allows rising seniors to compose their college essays now instead of during the very busy fall of their senior year. Additionally, juniors who want to get ahead of the game can utilize this course as that springboard. Over a period of four weeks you will receive one-on-one instruction and direct and constructive feedback in writing your personal essay from Indian Creek Upper School Humanities teacher, Kate Fitzgerald. Students are required to attend a face-to-face meeting, which the student and instructor will schedule together. 

  • Families should plan visits to the colleges of their choice during the three days off in September, including time for interviews and tours.
  • Specialty students should hone their craft, going to camps, or working on portfolios.


Junior year

  • September: Students attend three-day trip to colleges in Virginia or Pennsylvania during Class Trips.
  • October: Students take PSAT’s; families may attend Broadneck High School College Fair 
  • Fall: Parents attend an AIMS information session on a specific college topic; students attend meetings with College admissions representatives on ICS campus
  • December (early):  Students receive PSAT scores in school; athletes interested in playing sports in college register with the NCAA clearing house,
  • December 13-15, 2016: Junior Parent College Counseling Drop-In Sessions: This is an opportunity for parents of juniors to come in for a personalized session to help navigate the testing calendar for SAT and ACT tests. Director of College Counseling Ruth Shrum will advise parents about to which tests each student should take, as well as how often and when to take them. During these meetings, you will discuss the exact dates your child can plan to take these tests, including the deadlines for signing up. 
  • January 11, 2017: Junior Parent Night includes an in-depth discussion about the college application process, financial aid, and scholarships.
  • February – April: Parents and students make individual meeting with College Counselor, Mrs. Shrum. Families sign up on the Naviance website with code received from Mrs. Shrum. Families sign up through the College Board website to take SAT’s in January, March, May or June. Families should visit colleges while they are in session.  (If a student already has interest in a certain school, be sure to sign up for their “Junior Day” visit.) Sign up for SAT Subject tests (optional).
  • May: Students ask teachers for recommendations. Families attend AIMS College Fair in Baltimore.
  • June: Students fill out summer contact sheet for the College Counseling office.


Sophomore year

  • October: Students take PSATs in school.
  • Fall: Parents attend an AIMS information session on a specific college topic.
  • December (early):  Students receive PSAT scores in school; families sign up with College Board to review strategies for improved testing results.
  • March 8, 2017: Sophomore Parent Night includes an overview of standardized testing (PSAT, SAT reasoning and subject tests, ACT and AP).
  • May: Specialty students (athletes, visual arts, or performing arts) should contact ICS coaches, teachers, and the College Counseling office for guidance.

Freshman year

  • Fall: Parents make sure that their children who receive accommodations or would like to receive accommodations in school or on standardized testing please see Ms. Dunigan to start the paperwork.
  • Fall: Parents may attend an AIMS information session on a specific college topic.



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