Academic Philosophy

Annapolis Crownsville Science SchoolIndian Creek teachers practice the tenets of the School’s Philosophy in every classroom. For over 40 years, the School has taken the latest research on how children learn best and applied it to what it does.  

What does it mean to base educational practice on research? At Indian Creek School, it means that everything the school does is informed by studies of how the brain works, how children learn best, and how people achieve success. The goal: to ensure that students benefit from the latest knowledge on the path to gaining a strong foundation for college and the rest of their lives. 

Each teacher is trained to both identify each student’s strengths and offer effective strategies in the classroom that allow students to tap into these strengths. Because of our focus on how each child learns best, Indian Creek students graduate knowing their strengths and able to advocate for themselves. They are conversant with the latest media and technology, possess the competitive skills necessary to thrive as independent thinkers, and know how to work with others from different backgrounds. In short, they are well prepared—both for college and for a lifetime of learning and achievement. 

A teach-to-each program empowers students and teachers alike. Teachers understand students and how they learn. Understanding the learner provides the rationale for the teacher’s instructional decision making. Knowing the learner helps teachers reach individual students through targeted instruction and innovative methodologies. Indian Creek creates a positive relationship between teachers and students and shows students that the School understands and cares.

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