Indian Creek School History

Indian Creek School was founded in 1973 by educators Anne Coleman Chambers and Rebecca Randolph, along with the support of Mrs. Chambers’ family. Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Coleman, Sr. generously offered land and a building in which the two women could start their school. Tracy Coleman, Jr., Mrs. Chambers’ brother, was extensively involved in the building of the school, and served as the School’s first Director of Transportation and Physical Plant. Without the support of the Coleman family, Indian Creek School would not be here today.

1973– Indian Creek School opens its doors to 33 students in four Nursery, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade classes. Mrs. Chambers, now Headmistress, and Mrs. Randolph, Assistant Director (and later Lower School Principal), base the school’s philosophy on the fundamentals of developmental psychology. Personalized teaching based on each child’s abilities and learning style allows for maximum challenge and stimulation—with minimal stress. In order to promote psychological health, students are cared for before, during, and after school by a staff that is part of the school.

1977– A Middle School is added, and the student population reaches 181. Special emphasis is placed on teaching study skills and organization to Middle School students, in order to provide them with the intellectual tools they need for higher-level education. Middle School students are also introduced to the Human Development curriculum, which covers a variety of social and developmental issues that are relevant to adolescents, from social skills to diversity awareness to self-esteem and body image. The School continues to meet its goals of serving a diverse population, offering many avenues of success for each child. In addition to a rigorous academic program, all students are offered opportunities to excel in the arts, physical activities, and leadership and social aspects of the School.

Lower School

1979 – The first 8th graders graduate from Indian Creek School.

1983 – Class size doubles to 40 students per grade in the newly-admitted class of 1993.

1985 – Recognizing the need for additional elementary school space, the library wing of the Evergreen Campus building is opened. The bell that graces the Bell Tower was acquired by Tracy Coleman, Sr. during his service in World War II.

1993 – Indian Creek celebrates its 20th birthday. The PTO generously opens the Peace Garden on the Evergreen Campus with the dedication, “To remember those who came before, to rejoice in our here and now, to wonder on things that are not yet to be.” New classrooms and office space are added to accommodate growth in the Middle School. In order to prepare for additional growth of both the program and student body, Indian Creek School transfers ownership of the School to a newly-established Board of Trustees.

1998 – The final expansion of the Evergreen Campus building is completed; the square footage of the space is doubled as Alumni Hall, locker rooms, and fourteen classrooms are added on.

2004 – Indian Creek School elects to bring its philosophy and curriculum to the Upper School level, and begins the “Taking Flight” campaign to start the work.

2006– A 96,000 square foot Upper School opens on a 114 acre campus just a few miles from the original Evergreen Campus. Recognizing the different circadian rhythms that teenagers experience, the School takes a novel approach to scheduling and starts the Upper School day at 9:00 am, keeping students on campus until 5:00 pm. Later start times allow Upper School students to get the sleep they need— crucial to brain development and emotional stability. 

2007 – Co-founder Rebecca Randolph retires after 34 years of devoted service.

2008 – Indian Creek’s first Upper School class graduates 31 students.

2010 – Founding Headmistress Anne Chambers retires from her position and returns to her first love, classroom teaching, for one more year. Interim Head Lila Lohr begins a one-year term at the helm of the school.

2011 – After an extensive search, Rick Branson, Ed. D. is named Head of School. In September, Indian Creek School opens with 651 students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12.

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