Head of School Greeting

Welcome to Indian Creek School

Since 1973, Indian Creek School (ICS) has served students and their families well by providing innovative teaching and facilitating engaged learning.  This academically challenging, college preparatory education is offered in a collaborative community where faculty members get to know each student very well.  Indian Creek students develop self-worth and the confidence to take intellectual risks.  As I walk the halls of both Indian Creek campuses, I am inspired by the positive energy exhibited by students being challenged in meaningful ways by teachers trained in the latest cognitive research.  I invite you to experience this exciting educational community firsthand by touring both of our campuses. 

Indian Creek School prepares students for their future by relentlessly pursuing the most innovative and effective ways to teach and engage students. ICS teachers build strong, collaborative relationships with students, apply the most current educational research, and develop challenging, innovative classes. The result is a rich and rewarding learning experience for each student. Indian Creek prepares students for the higher education they will pursue, the lives they will lead, and the careers they will enjoy in a rapidly changing world.

We believe that only a school both deeply rooted in the highest standards of teaching and learning and committed to providing challenging and relevant individualized learning experiences can adequately prepare today’s students for the future. We know they must become independent, hard-working, adaptable, confident children and young adults in order to thrive in a world that places a premium, as perhaps never before, on self-awareness and strong communication skills.

Because Indian Creek is both rigorous and student-centered, and because we hire and develop teachers specifically skilled in differentiated teaching methods, the school serves students with a variety of abilities and talents, including students of exceptional ability. ICS facilitates student exploration of new, as well as familiar, talents and interests academically, artistically, and athletically. Indian Creek intentionally schedules classes and events so students can pursue excellence and try new things in all of these areas, in addition to offering leadership and service opportunities that prepare them for global citizenship.

Indian Creek Crownsville AnnapolisIndian Creek’s administrators, teachers, staff, parents, board members and students form an exceptionally close community committed to high standards and strong outcomes that exemplify the school and its graduates today. Last year, ICS celebrated an impressive college acceptance list, 23 Advanced Placement Scholars, as well as varsity soccer, basketball, and lacrosse championships. Looking ahead, Indian Creek’s aspirations are high: we will continue to be an educational leader, focused on preparing independent thinkers and capable, caring contributors on whom our professions and communities will depend.

As Head of School, I welcome you to be a part of this exciting time as our school relentlessly moves forward as the best school for teaching and learning, that fosters an environment that is challenging and nurturing, and is at the forefront of the best educational thinking. This is an exciting time for all of us to be stewards of this remarkable school. I look forward to meeting you on campus.

Rick Branson, Ed.D.
Head of School





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